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  • You made the change to one of portal framework pages (both of SAP standard ones and custom ones).

  • Erroneously you uncheck "Visible" box for one or all of listed entries of the framework page you edited.

  • After re-logon the portal, no innepage/top-level navigation pane/masthead can be seen and you are not able to perform any actions on portal as shown below for example:

  • Below is an example of "Desktop Innerpage" is unchecked. The issue behavior should vary depends on which of framework page entries is unchecked.


How to recover your so called corrupted portal framework page:

  1. In your browser type in below URL directly:
    http://<host name>:<http port>/irj/servlet/prt/portal/prtroot/pcd!3aportal_content!2fadministrator!2fsuper_admin!2fsuper_admin_role!!!

    **You need to replace <host name> and <http port> with correct values of your own system.

  2. Now you arrive in this page (for example):


  3. Now you are able to open and navigate to the portal content directory and re-edit the framework page you just edited and re-check the "Visible" boxes for those affected entries.

  4. Save the change.

  5. Log-off from portal and re-logon. You are able to view the correct portal looking now.

Hope this helps.