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This blog highlights the different ways in which you can provide input parameters in Automation Framework which is delivered as part of BI 4.2 SP05

While you create a scenario in Automation Framework, you can provide input values during design time and run time. This means you can add the input values while creating and pass input dynamically while executing a scenario. There are three ways to add input values to a Scenario:

  1. Value Help (Design Time)

  2. Type-in (Design Time)

  3. Mapping output of a task as an input of another task (Run Time)

Value Help

You can choose an object like documents from the repository explorer with the Value Help (if it is available in the field). For example, in a scenario to refresh the documents, you can choose a document by selecting the Value Help icon in the Documents field.


You can enter the supported input parameters in a blank field. For example, in a scenario to refresh the document, you can type the document ID in the Document field and hit Enter.

Mapping output of a task as an input of another task

You can provide an output of the first task as the input for the second task while executing a scenario. You have to type @ in an input field to see the list of values obtained from the first task.

  • The format of the suggested input value is @<WorkflowTemplate>.<TaskTemplate>.<OutputParameter>.

  • The list of input values shows only the compatible values obtained from the first task. For example, if the input field accepts CSV as the data type, then the input values from the previous task that are in CSV format are displayed.

For example, in "ValidateDocs" workflow, Worklist task reads a CSV file which contains list of document IDs. When you press @ on the Document field, you get suggestions of previous tasks output in ValidateDocs.ReadWorklist.Values (format <WorkflowTemplate>.<TaskTemplate>.<OutputParameter>)

To understand more about CSV data, refer the below blog…mation-framework/

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