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What is Lcm_cli.bat ?

It is Command line interface for running the  Promotion Management when you wanted to migrate the content more than 1000+ objects between SAP Business Intelligence BI 4.x environment.

When using GUI method i.e. Promotion Management it is not possible to promote/create a lcmbiar file with more than 1000+ objects.

Note : Promotion Management has 200+ objects limit in GUI Mode and its not a hard limit. Simple objects can be had in 1000's. It's not objects that are limitation - its the time the script takes to populate list and calculate dependencies. If it can be done in 20 minutes or less GUI can handle it, otherwise we run up against web session timeouts and ultimately it will give some error and i.e. we use LCM_CLI.bat tool as the alternate method

  • The promotion management command line tool takes a properties file as a parameter. The properties file contains the required parameters to communicate the promotion management tool about the actions to perform, system(s) to connection to, connection methods, objects to promote, and so on.
  • The file must be in the form of <File Name>.properties
  • Please refer to the Administrators guide for a complete list of parameters to use with Lcm_cli.bat

Files Included :

  1. 3 Job Properties Files for Users and User's Groups, Dependent Objects, Primary Objects ( ,,


  • SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform 4.0\4.1 should be installed on the machine and promotion should be done between Same version or From Lower to Higher ( Example. Source (BI 4.0 SP9) to Destination (BI 4.1 SP6) etc.

Note : Use LCM of Higher Version only when promoting the objects from lower version to higher version.

  • Ensure to Run the command prompt as “Run as Administrator”
  • For Better Results ensure you make the changes for Resources using KBA - "1969259 - LCM CLI Master Note - How to promote thousands of objects across BI4 environments" For More queries and Sample queries.
  • If you are using third party authentication then ensure you follow the above article and make the necessary changes.
  • Changes need to be done in .properties files for Source and Destination.

Steps to Prepare the Files and Execute them:

  • Download the 3 properties files from the link : [DOWNLOAD : LCM_CLI Properties File]
  • Place these files on the server in any directory and ensure the path is small (Example : D:\content , C:\lcmpromote etc )

  • Edit all the .properties files and make the changes according to your environment like : CMS Name , Password , Source and Destination etc.

  • Open Command Prompt as Administrator and Navigate to the Location of lcm_cli.bat file.

  • Execute the lcm_cli and give the properties files as the parameters. [ lcm_cli.bat -lcmproperty "<pathofpropertiesfile>" ]

  • Do the same for all the properties files and ensure the jobs are completed successfully. These Job's will be visible in the CMC >> Promotion Management of the Server which is mentioned in "LCM_CMS" in properties file.

  • Once the promotion is done you can verify the content and also if there would be any error you can navigate to Promotion Management and check the Jobs . Jobs Will be created like "Query_Administrator_Day_Date_Time".


Mahak Rathore