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Integration Suite is the future-proof and strategic integration platform from SAP with a long term roadmap. This is the recommended solution from a product strategy perspective.To help developers/customers working on migrating integration scenarios from SAP Process Orchestration to SAP Integration Suite, we will be starting off with series comprising of multiple technical how-to guides.


As most of the SAP Process Orchehstration scenarios have Value Mappings created, in this blog post will cover how to migrate the value mapping from SAP Process Orchstration to SAP Integration Suite.

Easiest way to import the value mapping to Cloud Integration would manual export from SAP Process Orechestration and then import the same in CSV format.Below video tutorial will help you to understand how to achieve the same.

Tooling support for value mapping export from SAP Process Orchestration:

Since spring based application ( Integration Directory ) of SAP Process Orchestration dont have option to export value mapping as CSV one can leverage NWDS to achieve the same.

How to deal with bidirectional mapping having multiple source value for same target:

Step 1: Export your value mapping from SAP Process Orecehstration

Step 2: Import the exported CSV into Cloud Integration Value mapping.

Step 3: Click on Default Values tab to set default value for your other direction value mapping.


[ 1 ] Migration Guide for SAP PO : Migration Guide

[ 2 ] Value Mapping in SAP PO : Value Mapping

[ 3 ] Value Mapping in SAP Integration Suite: Value Mapping
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