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Recast.AI is now known as SAP Conversational AI

Since we joined SAP precisely a year ago, we’ve been working hard to deliver the best language technology and bot-building platform on the market. Reflecting on this powerful partnership with SAP in our branding is a natural step we’re glad to take.

That’s why today if you take a look around, you’ll see that our website, our platform, and our social networks have all been renamed. This changes nothing in the way you’re using Recast.AI: your account will stay the same, your bots won’t be altered, and you’ll be able to keep using our service as before.However, during this renaming process, we had to change our domain name. While is successfully redirected, our official domain name is now Therefore, you might need to update a few components of your bots to reflect the new domain name. We’ve created a guide to walk you through this process easily just below.

How to migrate to our new domain name: 

This guide helps you migrate to our new domain name This change will not heavily impact your use: the entire platform will continue to work as it does now, we’re only changing our name and URL. You keep your account, your bots, and everything that you’ve created. 

For the coming year, the domain name will redirect to Very few migrations in your code and in your bots are mandatory. You have one year to migrate. Of course, we encourage you to migrate as soon as you can! If you need any support, we’re ready to help 🙂 Please contact us through our Slack community. 

Our platform is now available at this URL: To access the platform, you’ll need to log in the first time. If you saved our URL somewhere (like in a bookmark), please update it. 

Our GitHub organization with all our open-source projects and SDKs is now available at

Technical migration  

Our main domain name is now This means that our platform, API, and documentation use this domain name. If you’re using our API, or if you’ve bookmarked our website, or if you’ve allowed our domain name in a security config file in your backend system, the main migration consists of changing all URLs to Making a request to the old domain name will redirect to the new one. So it’s not mandatory to replace it with the new one, but you have to be sure your code supports HTTP redirections. 

The detailed tasks that we encourage you to do are explained below. 


If you’re using our SDKs, please migrate to the new ones.

  • Remove and install the new ones. 

  Old SDK  New SDK 
NodeJs  npm install –save recastai  npm install –save sapcai 
Python  pip install recastai  pip install sapcai 
PHP  composer require recastai/sdk-php  composer require sapcai/sdk-php 
Ruby  gem install RecastAI  gem install Sapcai 
IOS  pod “RecastAI”  pod “sapcai” 
Android  ai.recast.sdk_android ai.sapcai.sdk_android

  • Read the README to understand how to use them (exactly the same as the old ones; only the package name has changed). Here’s an example if you’re using the Node.js SDK:

var build = new'YOUR_TOKEN') 

build.dialog({'type': 'text', content: 'YOUR TEXT'}, { conversationId: 'CONVERSATION_ID' }) 

  .then(res => { 


    // Do your code 


  .catch(err => console.error('Something went wrong', err)) 

The behavior of the two main endpoints /dialog and /request remains exactly the same. We’ve changed the conversation memory endpoints, so be sure to read the SDK documentation. 

If you’re using our API endpoints documented in our API Reference, please update the following:

  • Our API Reference is now available at 

  • Change the API URL of all endpoints that you’re using; our API URL is now

Here is an example if you’re using the Bot Builder API to send messages to the SAP Conversational AI platform (Recast.AI) and create a conversation. 

curl -H "Authorization: Token REQUEST_TOKEN" \ 

     -H "Content-Type: application/json" \ 

     -d '{"message": {"content":"Hello","type":"text"}, "conversation_id": "CONVERSATION_ID"}' \ 

     -X POST ""

curl -H "Authorization: Token REQUEST_TOKEN" \ 

     -H "Content-Type: application/json" \ 

     -d '{"message": {"content":"Hello","type":"text"}, "conversation_id": "CONVERSATION_ID"}' \ 

     -X POST ""

If you’re using our Webchat available in the 
Connect tab, please update the following:

The Webchat script has changed. Please update the code snippet by going to your Webchat configuration in the Connect tab and copying the new script at the same place as the current script on your website. 

The change in the script is the URL of the web chat script. 



If you
’ve cloned our Webchat from GitHub, please make the following changes:

Update the HTTP requests in the code that use our API. The API URL is stored in the config,js, so you only need to update this file as shown below. 

Export default { 

  apiUrl: '', 


Export default { 

apiUrl: '', 


If you’re using other channels
, please follow the below instructions:

 If you’ve connected your bot to one of the channels we provide in the Connect tab, you need to update the configuration of each channel as described below.  

Facebook Messenger 

Update the callback URL in your Facebook page (in the Webhooks section) with the new URL that we provide in your Facebook Messenger channel settings: 

Before (example): 

After (example):  

To enable the update, deactivate and reactivate your page on Facebook.  


Update the redirect URL and the event request URL in your Slack app. To do this, check the configuration steps in the Connect tab on the platform and redo steps 4 and 6.  

SAP Jam Collaboration 

Update the callback URL on your JAM configuration page. To do this, check the configuration steps in the Connect tab on the platform and redo step 4. 

Skype, Microsoft Teams 

Update the messaging endpoint in your bot channel registration in Microsoft Azure. To do this, check the configuration steps in the Connect tab on the platform and redo step 3.  

Updating everything will ensure your bots will keep operating smoothly! If you have any questions, please join our Slack Community, where our team will be happy to help you smoothly transfer.

Ask your questions on SAP Answers or get started with SAP Conversational AI!