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This post is only relevant for SAP S/4HANA and SAP ERP, not relevant for SAP S/4HANA Cloud.

When using the Peppol Network, public entities in Germany can decide if they want to be identified by one or several Leitweg-IDs. For example a Ministry might have a central Leitweg-ID or multiple secondary Leitweg-IDs to identify its departments.

In the same time, the majority of the access points/platforms where these public agencies are registered have decided to go with the general Peppol approach and register all the participants ID, no matter if these are central or secondary, in the Peppol SMP. This is the case for ZRE and OZG-RE, for example.

However, there are also access points, like Bremen, which have decided to register in SMP only a central access point Leitweg-ID and not register the ones which identify the final receiver. The access point will forward, in this case, the document to the end receiver based on the ID maintained in the XML tag BuyerReference.

The software providers are therefore facing the challenge to cover multiple approaches, even if it might be only temporary. We expect that, sooner or later, access points like Bremen will change their approach and will at the end comply with the general Peppol guidelines.

If you are using the Peppol Exchange Service for the cloud edition of SAP Document Compliance in order to exchange electronic documents in Germany and you are facing some difficulties related to the maintenance of the Leitweg-ID in the Customer or Business Partner Master Data, then you are in the right place.


  • You have to check that SAP Note 2999273 as well as the prerequisite SAP Note 2992909 are implemented in your backend system.

  • The Leitweg-ID is a number with a minimum of 5 and maximum of 46 characters separated by a 2 hyphen minus signs (Unicode value U+002D). Ensure that you enter the number completely, including the separators. If you copy-and-paste the Leitweg-ID from another source, ensure that you use the correct separator (Example: 123-4567-89)

  • At the moment it is easy to identify participants belonging to some German access points/platforms by the prefix of the Leitweg-ID:

    • 991 - ZRE

    • 992 - OZG-RE

Identify which type of Leitweg-ID you need to maintain

First you will need to identify which of the following situations describe better the public entity you want to submit electronic documents to. By checking the table below you will be able to determine one or many of the Master Data values which have to be filled to comply with the used scenario.


The public entity has...
  Master Data
Source Document Text Leitweg-ID Business Leitweg-ID Technical Leitweg-ID
A Only one Leitweg-ID and it is registered in Peppol SMP Empty End receiver ID Empty
B Many Leitweg-IDs and all of them are registered in Peppol SMP End receiver ID Empty Empty

One central Leitweg-ID and another one for the end receiver.

Only the central one is registered in Peppol SMP.
Empty End receiver ID Central ID

One central Leitweg-ID and many for the end receivers.

Only the central one is registered in Peppol SMP.
End receiver ID Empty Central ID

In the above table the values have the following meaning:

  • Empty - the value must not be maintained

  • Central ID - the value has to be filled with the access point's central Leitweg-ID

  • End receiver ID - the value has to be filled with the end receiver Leitweg-ID

Let's take an example. If you want to submit a document to a public entity which is registered in Bremen access point, then there will be a central access point Leitweg-ID and if there is another end receiver Leitweg-ID, then you are in the case C. Therefore you will have to maintain the central ID in the Technical Leitweg-ID field and the end receiver ID in the Business Leitweg-ID field of the master data.

Now that you have identified which values you need to maintain in your system in order to submit the electronic documents to the correct receiver, let us go in more details.

How to maintain Business & Technical Leitweg-ID for Business Partners

  1. Run the Business Partner Master Data BP transaction.

  2. Select your business partner.

  3. Go to Identification, then to Identification Numbers and in ID Type select the type or types you need to maintain:

      • DE0001 Leitweg-ID 1 (Business Leitweg ID)

      • DE0002 Leitweg-ID 2 (Technical Leitweg ID)

    Enter the corresponding Leitweg-ID in the Identification Number.

  4. Save your entries.


Following the steps above, this is how the maintenance of Business Leitweg-ID looks like in the business partner master data:

You don't have to maintain the custom business partner type for the Leitweg-ID determination in the view EDOEUBPIDTYPEV anymore. This became obsolete with the release of the SAP Note 2999273.

How to maintain Business & Technical Leitweg-ID for Customers

  1. Run the Customer Change XD02 transaction and search the customer you want to enter the Leitweg-ID for.

  2. In the Address tab under Communication, choose Other Communication and select SSF.

  3. Enter the Leitweg-ID in SSF-ID column and in the Notes column add the description corresponding to the identifier you want to maintain:

      • DE_LEITWEG_ID for Business Leitweg-ID

      • DE_LEITWEG_ID_TECHNICAL for Technical Leitweg-ID

  4. Save your entries.


Following the steps above, this is how the maintenance of Business Leitweg-ID looks like in the customer master data:

Maintain source document header text Leitweg-ID

Based on the source document type you want to send, you will maintain this document specific Leitweg-ID in a header text defined specially for this purpose, called Buyer Leitweg-ID


In the Accounting document navigate in the menu to Extras then choose Texts and fill the value in the line corresponding to Buyer Leitweg-ID as in the image below:

Electronic Document XML

In the electronic document XML the end receiver Leitweg-ID will always be filled under the tag BuyerReference, while the central one will be present both in the header tag ReceiverID and document tag EndpointID.

In case A and B described in the above table, all three values will be the same since there is no specific access point ID, while in case C and D the BuyerReference value will be different from the other two.

Having maintained the required Leitweg-IDs in the correct place as described above, should allow you to successfully submit electronic documents to public agencies in Germany using the Peppol Exchange Service for the cloud edition of SAP Document Compliance.

For more details about the German solution of  SAP Peppol Exchange Service for the cloud edition of SAP Document Compliance check the Overview SAP Note 2690949.