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With IT landscapes at least partially made up of SAP systems of more recent releases, gathering landscape data in the SAP NetWeaver System Landscape Directory (SLD) is mandatory. This blog describes the installation of an SLD system and the initial setup, which both have been automated to a large extent. Both processes are demonstrated using the example of an SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (PI) 7.1 EHP1 installation. This is a pretty common scenario for two reasons:

  • PI is one of the most important client applications of the SLD so coupling their functions for runtime and maintenance will work well

  • PI installations always contain the SLD as part of the SAP NetWeaver AS Java so it only needs to be activated

The Demos

As said, the SLD will run as part of an SAP NetWeaver PI installation. However, the steps to install it and do the setup are identical to any other SLD installation procedure - the installation and configuration simply made up of all steps to provide the chosen "units". Therefore, any standalone SLD installation would look pretty much the same, only those steps needed to install PI functions would be inactive (you will see steps of other usage types (for example DI) that are inactive during the setup because this usage type has not been installed):

Two demos will show the steps to have an SLD up-and-running - both are explained in their own blog conatining the demo links:

  • How-to Implement SAP NetWeaver Functionality? – Installation Made Easy, using SAPinst installation tool.
    The demos contains steps like starting the installation tool, selecting installation sources, generating a Solution Manager Key, checking the DB load, and the execution of the automated steps.

  • How-to Implement SAP NetWeaver Functionality? - Configuration Made Easy using the SAP NetWeaver Administrator Configuration Wizard - the SLD is chosen to be locally available and therefore is activated.
    The demo shows steps such as checking the systems after the installation, starting the configuration tool, selecting the local SLD for activation, initial load of the SLD, and the automated executions of the list of active and inactive steps.

Additional Information