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In this example I will demonstrate how to leverage the MS Excel version of the best practice content for SAP S/4 HANA. I will use the release of 2202 for SAP S/4 HANA Cloud.

First of all, you need to have a scope containing the right solution scenario as highlighted here below:

Then the solution process (scope item) should also be added to this scope. In this document I will BD9 as an example, and we can see here below that it is part of my scope:

I will now go to the test preparation, and create a new manual test case for BD9

I used the create button, then filled in:

  • The test case title

  • The scope

  • The solution process (BD9)

  • And then selected a Solution Process Flow Diagram (if there are multiple diagrams available, just use the one which is closer to your own implementation)

Then save your empty test case:

Just press the download button, to download the current version of your test case:

And open the resulting MS Excel file:

Now open the best practice excel file:

From the downloaded excel, copy the cells A6 to K6 as highlighted here:

And paste these into the best practice document:

Save it in a different location (so that you don’t overwrite the original content), for example the Downloads folder from Windows:


You can now upload your updated file into SAP Cloud ALM:


And then upload:

This is where the file will be checked and where you might receive error messages. Most error messages will be about empty cells for the activities, actions or instructions. Once the errors are fixed you will see the activities:

And if you switch to the content tab, you will find the best practice content in your test case:

This will then need to be edited, adjusted, customized. You can also decide to remove some steps which only contain information and not instructions:

The data mentioned in the test case is also the default data from the best practice content and it will probably need to be maintained as well (when the test scripts will be imported into SAP Cloud ALM directly we will also plan to improve the data handling).

Finally, you will need to switch the test case status to “Prepared” to execute it.

I hope that this information and the content will be useful for your testing.