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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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To be published soon...



  • In this session, we will look at how to implement actions in Cloud Application Programming Model



  • In OData specifications, Actions are operations exposed by an OData Service that may have side effects when invoked

  • Actions may return data

  • You can learn more about Actions in OData in the following blog -



  • In this example, we have 2 entities: Projects and Users

  • There is a 1 to many relationship between Projects and Users.  So a Project can have multiple Users, while a User can belong to only 1 Project

  • We will look at how we can move a User from one Project to another

  • We have also introduced a few hypothetical business requirements that need to be met before a User can be moved from one Project to another

  • Also, we will return a custom object as the response


YouTube link:



  • This video should give you a clear idea on how to implement actions in Cloud Application Programming Model

  • If you have any questions or comments, please list them below and I will be happy to answer


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