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What’s your strategy for managing master data? Ensuring high data quality is key for many companies. More and more companies operate not only B2B but also want to enter the B2C market and diversify their supply chain, which all results in an ever-increasing amount of master data. And big data only drives this further. The number of employees, however, usually doesn’t increase significantly. Is this a hopeless situation? Not necessarily. Intelligent software could be the answer for customers who want to automate repetitive work, which also frees up time for other tasks. 

That's where Master Data Governance with its wide range of automation options comes in: 

  • Speed up the creation of new business partners and optimize data quality by making use of already existing data from business data providers, such as names, addresses, and tax numbers. 

  • Automate the maintenance of application master data, for example, by automatically deriving payment terms.

  • Automate the validation of master data records by defining custom-specific validations that you can use in all processes. 

  • Automate maintenance processes, for example approvals, so that your employees only have to step in in exceptional cases. 

To illustrate the need for automation in master data management, we’ve recently published a video about automated processes in SAP Master Data Governance that tells the story of the imaginary company Green Gardening that sells gardening tools to nurseries. 

The company starts off small, but then grows more and more over the years. As promising as this may sound, it causes considerable obstacles, resulting, for example, in wrong and late deliveries, which more and more customers complain about.  At some point, the small master data team can no longer handle the workload on their own, and they have to change their strategy to cope with their growing business. As if that’s not enough, they also want to enter the B2C market, which means they have to process even more master data. 

So, what do they do? In a nutshell, they decide to automate their governance processes and introduce several Master Data Governance features to ensure the company’s future success. 

Check out our video to hear the full story. 

Stay tuned for more news about planned developments and the future direction of the MDG solution portfolio. 

In the meantime, you can stay up to date by following the SAP Community Topic Page for SAP Master Data Governance and joining the Questions & Answers forum and Blog space.