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Please start by reading the Welcome to SAP Fiori! blog post written by michael.appleby. The Technology RIG team has worked hard this past week to bring this community to life. We hope you enjoy it and find it useful. Now that the community is live I wanted to take a minute to detail how we can all get the most of the new SAP Fiori Community.

If you were used to the What is SAP Fiori UX document in the mobile community, you will notice the content is the same here just with a new and refreshed look and feel. We did an inventory of the materials and worked to reorganize the content in a more structured and easy to consume way. The document titled All Things Fiori replaces the What is SAP Fiori UX document and is the new landing page for this community. From the Categories/Topics table you can select which area you are interested in learning more about, for example App Types:

For each category you will be directed to a document and at the top of every document you will notice the same header asking for your collaboration. You will also notice a category at the top of every document, this category will take you to the content tab where the content is filtered based on the category. Our hope is that this makes searching through questions, documents, blogs etc. easier.

In order to get the most out of this community we need YOU to help us by posting your lessons learned and publications into the right topic page. For the Category/Topic pages everyone has rights to edit the document and we emphatically encourage you to do so. Simply select the Edit function from the list of actions, find the right spot in the template for your inputs, paste them in, then depending on what you are adding you can decide whether or not to check the 'Minor edit, don't send notifications or update streams'. If you do not check this option everyone who is subscribed to this page will get a notification so please be smart when checking it. Below are the steps to follow in images:

Choose Edit from the Actions table:

Enter your content in the appropriate area. Entering links in the docs is easy - paste the link you want to add and it should automatically auto-title it. We also ask that you paste your SCN profile link as the author, again simple copy/paste.

After deciding whether to update streams or not, choose publish and ensure your changes have been added correctly.

Please Note: We ask that you do not mess with the collaboration options or the tags. The collaboration option allows you to limit who can and cannot edit the documents, we want it open for all so please leave that area alone. Additionally, we work hard to make sure tagging is done right so that the information in the community is easy to find for users, please don't remove any tags from the lists.

Help us to keep the SAP Fiori community a vibrant community where newcomers to the SAP Fiori topic can benefit from all of your lessons learned and publications. The more up to date and tedious we are with correctly linking content the better it will be for all of us.

Should you have any questions or need clarity on where to post one of your publications please don't hesitate to contact elizabeth.thorburn or masayuki.sekihara.