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To open the application, please complete the following:

Download the source code from SAP NOTE under the following link:

To generate from command prompt, please complete the following:

  • Download and install the Node.js application.

  • Open the js command prompt.

  • Using the command npm install, install the dependent packages from the command prompt .

  • Open the folder hana-cds-wrapper-generator-master/view-generator and execute js.

  • Next, open localhost with port 3000 in the browser to view the application

To generate from WEBIDE, please complete the following:

  • Clone the source code from the git repository to WEBIDE.

  • Right click on the project hana-cds-wrapper-generator and select Project > Project Settings

  • Enter the cloud foundry configuration details, including the API, organization, and the space where you want to build the project.

  • Choose Save.

  • Right click on the project and select BuildBuild.

  • Once you have successfully completed the build, select the view-generator folder to run the project

  • The application URL will be generated once the run script has started.


The following options are available to generate the HANA CDS Wrapper View:

  • XS Classic for HDBDD

  • XS Advanced for HDBCDS

To generate the view from the app using XS Classic, please complete the following:

  • Select XS Classic from the application.

  • Enter the Namespace, Source Schema and Target Schema.

  • Choose Generate & Download to download.

  • The HANA CDS Wrapper View generator file will be downloaded.

To generate the view from the app using XS Advanced, please complete the following :

  • Select XS Advanced from the application to generate the HANA 2.0 CDS view (.HDBCDS) file.

  • Enter the input values for Namespace and Logical System.

  • Check the Disable Type Cast box to ensure increased performance.

  • Choose Generate & Download.

  • The HANA CDS Wrapper View generator file will be downloaded.

Result: You have now successfully generated a HANA CDS Wrapper View.

Note: For the deployment HANA Wrapper Views to HANA DB, please refer to the blog