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Hi All

I am a GRC application developer. I faced one development issue to always focus on the first ObjectPageSection (Subsection) when navigate from SAP UI5 list to details page. I would like to share my development experiences about the focus on first subsection when navigate from worklist in SAP UI5.

Issue :

How to focus on 1st subsection  again when navigate from worklist to detail sections and then click on second/third section to browse data and then back to worklist and navigate to details section again.

<uxap:ObjectPageLayout id="ObjectPageLayoutEdit">
<uxap:ObjectPageSection id="editAttrSection" showTitle="true" title="{i18n>detailIconTabBarInfoTab}"
titleUppercase="false" visible="true">
<uxap:ObjectPageSubSection id="editAttrSubSection"> </uxap:ObjectPageSubSection>

<uxap:ObjectPageSection id="editActSection" showTitle="true" title="{i18n>ActionsTab}"
titleUppercase="false" visible="true">
<uxap:ObjectPageSubSection id="editActSubSection"> </uxap:ObjectPageSubSection>

<uxap:ObjectPageSection id="editPrmSection" showTitle="true" title="{i18n>PrmsTab}"
titleUppercase="false" visible="true">
<uxap:ObjectPageSubSection id="editPrmSubSection"> </uxap:ObjectPageSubSection>


You can use the following statements as samples to focus on 1st ObjectPageSection (subsection).

this.oObjectPageLayout = this.getView().byId("ObjectPageLayoutEdit");

this.oEditAttrSection = this.getView().byId("editAttrSection");



Thanks and best regards,


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