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"n Configuration Issues. Show More Information" is a common error I see customers face while using the HTML5 Application Repository. Here's how to resolve it.

How to Fix

step zero

At the time of writing, there's no way to resolve this issue from the UI itself, so we'll need to use the cloud foundry cli and the cf-html5-apps-repo-cli-plugin. If you don't want to install these tools locally or don't have permission to install these tools on your company computer, we can use business application studio instead. The steps are the same regardless. If you don't know what either of these are, borrow a developer who is working on your ui5 applications as they will.

Before we start save the output of our error.

step one

Log into the correct cloud foundry organization. If you aren't sure what API_URL to use you find it it under the Overview page of your Subaccount under > Cloud Foundry Environment > API Endpoint.

cf l -a

All options:
cf login [-a API_URL] [-u USERNAME] [-p PASSWORD] [-o ORG] [-s SPACE] [--sso | --sso-passcode PASSCODE] [--origin ORIGIN]

Now we can start to look for the missing applications.

step two

Run the following command:
cf html5-list

Look for the entries under the app-host-id column that match the ID's that the HTML5 Repository is complaining about. For now we're looking for html5-apps-repo instance ID's not the destination ID. You'll also notice that the problematic entries are missing name, version and visibility so they are easy to spot if your list of apps is long.

step three

Write down the value from the 'service-instance' column. You may need it later in case the following command deletes the repo service but not the corresponding destination service.

Run the following command for each affected app-host-id. This will try to delete both the associated destination and the repo service. I've found recently that this command does not work in all cases, so if you still see errors, go to step four.
cf html5-delete -d <app-host-id>

step four

Take note of the service instance name column and find the matching service in cloud foundry. You'll find it under Cloud Foundry > Spaces > <select the correct space> > Instances.

If you have multiple spaces we'll have to do some searching, but hopefully the service instance was named properly and you'll be able to identify it quickly. If you don't find the exact name, most likely the html-repo-service was deleted from the previous command in step three, but the destination wasn't. Try searching for the name without 'html-repo' at the end. For example, my affected service was named 'coffeeshop5-html-repo' so I would search for 'coffeeshop5'. Hopefully you'll see a corresponding destination service, if so, delete it.

If you aren't sure if you're correct, run the following command and compare it to the destination ID in the error of the HTML5 Repository.
cf service <service-name> --guid

After you remove each affected html5-repo service and corresponding destination service, the error messages should be resolved.

Root Cause

This issue is caused by incorrect deployment to the HTML5 Application Repository. Either there was a mistake in the repo service, destination service, or there was a problem with the content that was ultimately deployed to the repo. If you're a developer the main thing to remember is if you try to deploy an application that fails or partially fails, the best thing to do is undeploy the associated services right after so that the destination and repo service instance are removed and don't cause this problem.