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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
This blog is relevant to a scenario wherein underlying Data structure is not provided in the component configuration.

Problem Statement Example

Create a custom field in the External Data tab of maintenance order app.

Maintenance order app - External Data tab


Right click and go to technical help.

Technical help

Click on component Configurations.

Web Dynpro Component and Application Data


Click on general settings and Feeder class with parameters.

Component Configuration

Here the Node/Data structure to enhance External Data tab is not provided.

You have ABBID, Node Name and Feeder class.

Feeder class with parameters

How to find the underlying structure to enhance the UI?

A developer could probably debug the feeder class to get the underlying structure, but the below solution gives detailed insights on the backend architecture.


Go to T-code SPI_TOOLS.

Click on Metadata Browser.

Overview of SPI tools

Enter the ABB ID (mentioned in the feeder class parameters) you want to enhance and execute.

SPI Metadata Browser

Look for the Node Name -EAMS_OPER (mentioned in the feeder class parameters) under EAMS_ORD.

Click on EAMS_OPER and click on Details.

Node Name - Details

You will find the Data structure, Metadata Provider Class, and Service Provider class.

ABBID Attributes and Node Attributes

Extend Data structure EAMS_S_SP_ORD_OPER using append structure to create a custom field in the External Data tab of maintenance order app.

Now to Go to component configuration of the tab you want to enhance.

Click on Other functions and click on Enhance. Create enhancement implementation to add your custom field to the form UIBB schema.

(There are many blogs on how to enhance the standard UIBB form hence I am not explaining in detail.)

Enhance UI


Supporting Enhancement

To enhance the backend application modification free, we also have a central enhancement spot - /PLMB/ES_SPI which can be used by customers or partners.

Example - Implement BADI- /PLMB/EX_SPI_APPL_ACCESS which can used to adapt custom data in the service provider access method.

Similarly, we have many such useful BADI definitions in the enhancement spot - /PLMB/ES_SPI.


This will help you identify the underlying data structure of the Application Building Block Id as well as enhancement spot for the backend development.


The below article sheds light on what is Service Provider Infrastructure (SPI), Application Building Block ID (ABBID), Metadata Provider, Service Provider, Node etc. and how to make use of them to enhance and adapt standard Web Dynpro Apps.

Overview - Service Provider Infrastructure (SPI) - Support Wiki (