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During my work in the Application Interface Framework (AIF) development I sometimes get questions from customers asking how different functionalities do work or what the best way is to solve a specific requirement with SAP Application Interface Framework. For this reason, I have setup a blog series where I describe the solutions to your requirements. Have a look at this blog to get an overview over all  already published blogs.

Problem Description

You use the SAP S/4Hana Cloud and would like to enable users to monitor messages via the message dashboard or you use the AIF Fiori User Recipient Assignment Application in an on-Premise system.

In the message dashboard you only see messages if your user is assigned to a recipient. For every communication scenario (containing the to be displayed interfaces) such a recipient was defined. To enable a user to see those messages the user must be assigned to the specific recipient.

How does it work?

You need to perform the following steps to assign a user to a recipient to enable the visibility of the messages in the message dashboard:

  1. Preparation - Assign your user to business catalog SAP_CA_BC_COM_CONF_BC. You need to be assigned to this business catalog to be able to use the Assign Recipients to Users app.

  2. Add or select the to be assigned User in the Assign Recipients to Users App.

  3. Select the to be assigned Recipient

  4. Done: User can check the Interface Monitor

The following example will describe step-by-step how to assign a new user to a recipient.


A user needs to monitor a communication scenario or a specific AIF interface. In the Interface Monitor, the corresponding interface is not displayed. In this example, the user is not assigned to any AIF interface, so the Interface Monitor does not display any message related data.

What to do to assign a user to an interface?

  1. Preparation

If your user is not assigned to business catalog SAP_CA_BC_COM_CONF_BC you will not be able to use the Assign Recipients to Users app. Assign your user to this business catalog in order to execute the example describe below.

  1. Add User in Assign Recipients to User App

Start your launchpad and navigate to the Message Monitoring apps and start the Assign Recipients to Users app.

The app will start. On the left-hand side of the screen a list containing all users who are already assigned to recipients is displayed.  In this example we want to assign a new user. Click on the + in the bottom row of the left-hand side of the screen.

Note: In case you want to add additional recipients to a user who is already assigned to recipients you can use the Search Users with Assigned Recipients search field to select the to be changed user.

A pop-up to select the user name or user id is displayed.

Enter the user name. When you start typing the name, a value help is available to select the user.

After selecting or typing in the user name press add.

  1. Select the to be assigned Recipient

After adding the user, a pop up will open asking you to select the to be assigned recipients.

Note: the information which recipient is used to monitor a specific communication scenario can be found in the scenario description.

In this example the user will be assigned to Namespace /FINCA with Recipient CA_DOC_IN_RECIPIENT. In the field message type Application Error or Technical Error is selected. Mark the Overview and the Technical User Checkbox.

Note: if the checkbox for Overview is not marked, the user will not be able to see the recipient in the Interface Monitor.

Press Assign to save the user assignment.

The Assigned Recipient is now displayed in the Recipients for User list:

If you want to assign additional Recipients to the user, click on the Assign button on the right hand side of the Recipients for User list and repeat step 3.

  1. User can check the Interface Monitor

After the assignment of the Recipients was done the user can check the Interface Monitor. The user will now be able to monitor the corresponding messages.


This blog post gave you an introduction how to enable users to monitor messages with the message dashboard in SAP S/4Hana Cloud or with the Interface Monitor in an on-Premise System.