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If you are using the Fiori templates to create your application, then you may have received an error dialog.

For example:

You can improve the usability of when the Show Details link is chosen by displaying meaningful errors from a backend message class. For example:



To do so, add a new function _extractError  and modify the _showServiceError function found in the ErrorHandler JavaScript file found the controller package.

* Extract errors from a backend message class.
* @param {object} sDetails a technical error
* @return a either messages from the backend message class or return the initial error object
* @function
* @private

_extractError: function(sDetails) {
if (sDetails.responseText) {
var parsedJSError = null;
try {
parsedJSError =;
} catch (err) {
return sDetails;

if (parsedJSError && parsedJSError.error && parsedJSError.error.code) {
var strError = "";
//check if the error is from our backend error class
if (parsedJSError.error.code.split("/")[0] === "MY_MSG_CLASS") {
var array = parsedJSError.error.innererror.errordetails;
for (var i = 0; i < array.length; i++) {
strError += String.fromCharCode("8226") + " " + array[i].message + "\n";
} else {
//if there is no message class found
return sDetails;
return strError;
return sDetails;

Add a call to this._extractError(sDetails)  to the _ showServiceError function for the details property,

_showServiceError: function(sDetails) {
if (this._bMessageOpen) {
this._bMessageOpen = true;
this._sErrorText, {
id: "serviceErrorMessageBox",
details: this._extractError(sDetails),
styleClass: this._oComponent.getContentDensityClass(),
actions: [MessageBox.Action.CLOSE],
onClose: function() {
this._bMessageOpen = false;

Meaningful errors from a backend message class will now be displayed.