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We can use SAP HANA Cloud Platform(HCP) to help us get access for Cloud Foundry, in the official site of HCP we can see the introduction of product HCP, Starter Edition for Cloud Foundry Services which is managed by the Cloud Foundry Foundation.

the Getting Started explains how to set up cloud foundry and deploy your applications:

I'll show you how to deploy my UI5 application on cloud foundry step by step.



  • your UI5 application needs to be able to run without additional web container, I use nodejs to run my sample application.

  • user account on YaaS

register url:

  • user account on HCP

register url:


step 1: Sign Up


You can create your own organization on the Cloud Foundry instance that you can use to develop, deploy and run applications.


Procedure(if you already have organization and project on your YaaS account, your can start with 3):

  1. Access YaaS Builder at

  2. Create an Organization and a Project, click CREATE ORGANIZATION in the Welcome to YaaS page

     input the necessary information and save:


     Then it will jump to your organization page:

click on Administration in the left tree then chose Projects to create a project:

   input necessarry information and save:

   3. Access YaaS Market at , and on the Beta-Worldwide tab page, click the tile of the HCP, Starter Edition for Cloud Foundry Services (Beta) package.

    4. On HCP, Starter Edition for CloudFoundry page, click SUBSCRIBE NOW and chose your own project upder a specific organization.

    then click continue and last your can see you subscribe sucess, and then click CONFIGURE IT:

    5. Config your SAP HANA Cloud Platform, you should be able to see page with SAP HANA Cloud Platform in the left navigation like this:

    6. Decide your own space name and click CREATE. If you create sucessfully, then your should be able to see your organization:

Ps: you will recieve an email if your are a new HCP Cloud Foundry user, confirm the email to be able to access the HCP Cloud Foundry environment.


You have create a Cloud Foundry orginazation and space, now you can acess the HCP Cloud Foundry enviroment:

Step 2: Download and Install CLI

Refer to the guide:

Step 3: Log on the Cloud Foundry Instance:

Refer to the guide:

Step 4: Deploy your application to Cloud Foundry

Befor your deployment, you should add a file manifest.yml in your applicaton to specify related application information such as name, buildpack, command, services etc.

My manifest.yml:

Then in yor command line, go to your SAPUI5 application's local path, then use command cf push can simplly push your application on your space.

If everything goes right, you can see similar with this:

use url: you can access my UI5 application

the url : will show Hello World since I have done some config in my UI5 application


As Woppmann, Bjoern suggested, I paste my Local.js here which is used to dispatch requests and start server.