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Eclipse Dirigible is an open-source cloud development platform that provides capabilities for end-to-end development processes from database modeling and management, through RESTful services using server-side JavaScript, to pattern-based user interface generation, role-based security, external services integration, testing, debugging, operations and monitoring.

Some of the unique features include:

The platform aims to unify open-source business services by providing software developers with a convenient set of tools for building, running, and operating business applications in the Cloud. Dirigible is also part of the Eclipse Cloud Development top-level project.


Starting with the Eclipse Dirigible 4.3 release, there is a built-in integration with the SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Foundry environment. To deploy Eclipse Dirigible in your Cloud Foundry space, follow these steps:

  • Install the Cloud Foundry CLI. You can either get the latest release on the official release page or use your package manager

  • Clone the Eclipse Dirigible Deployment to the SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Foundry repository
    git clone​

  • Navigate to the dirigible folder

  • Replace the following variables in vars.yaml before deploying

    Name Description Default Value
    applicationName The application name (e.g. dirigible) N/A
    subdomain The SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Foundry subdomain N/A
    regionId The SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Foundry region id N/A
    memory The runtime memory for the Eclipse Dirigible runtime 2G
    diskQuota The runtime disk quota for the Eclipse Dirigible runtime 2G
    dockerImageTag The docker image version of Eclipse Dirigible latest

    • Replace the subdomain with your subdomain, which you can find in the SAP Cloud Platform cockpit in your Cloud Foundry subaccount  overview page:

    • Replace the regionId with your specific region (e.g. eu10). You can find it in the API endpoint just before More details on the region specific URLs can be found here.

  • Replace the <applicationName> in xs-security.json, it should match the one that you've entered in the vars.yaml

  • Create an XSUAA service instance
    cf create-service xsuaa application <applicationName>-xsuaa -c xs-security.json​

Replace <applicationName> before executing the command, it should match the one that you've entered in the vars.yaml

  • Deploy Eclipse Dirigible
    cf push --vars-file vars.yaml

  • Assign the Developer and the Operator role to your user from the SAP Cloud Platform cockpit

    1. Navigate to your subaccount.

    2. You can skip the steps bellow (3-6) and go to step 7 using the default dirigible role collection

    3. Go to SecurityRole Collections.

    4. Create New Role Collection (e.g. dirigible):

    5. Select the newly created role collection (e.g. dirigible).

    6. Add the Developer and the Operator roles to the role collection:

    7. Go to Security → Trust Configuration and select your trust configuration (e.g. SAP ID Service):

    8. Enter your e-mail address and click the Show Assignments button.

    9. Click Assign Role Collection and assign your role collection (e.g. dirigible):

  • Access the Eclipse Dirigible instance at: https://<applicationName>-<subdomain>.cfapps.<regionId>

    1. Navigate to your space.

    2. Select the newly created application (e.g. dirigible).

    3. Access the Eclipse Dirigible instance by clicking the application route:

  • Once started, you can begin developing your next business application with Eclipse Dirigible



Next you can follow the Samples section to master some of the basic functionalities, explore the Enterprise JavaScript APIs, check out the YouTube channel for video content or simply visit the official site for news and updates.