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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
In certain situations you might be asked to delete and recreate your ABAP environment instance.

In this case it is not necessary to delete and recreate the whole trial account (This is only mandatory if you want to switch to another region) but it is sufficient to only delete and re-create your ABAP environment instance.

The ABAP environment instances in SAP BTP are shared instances, that means you do not get your own instance but only a user on one of many ABAP environment backend systems.

So, when deleting and re-creating the ABAP environment instance in your trial account technically you will get a new user on one of several ABAP environment backend systems that we have provided for the trial offering.

In the following I will describe how to delete the ABAP environment instance in your SAP BTP trial account.

  1. Log on to your trial account

  2. Click on your trial account

  3. Click on Instances and Subscriptions to get to the list of instances in your trial account.

  4. In order to select the entry click on the arrow ">" on the right

    (You cannot delete the instance yet since two service keys exist that have to be deleted first)

  5. Now you can start to delete both service keys

  6. And after having deleted the service keys you can delete the ABAP environment instance

  7. The deletion takes a short moment

  8. Now you can navigate back to your trial

  9. And here you can now use the Booster to create a new ABAP environment instance.

  10. Click on Start in the Prepare an Account for ABAP Trial

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