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System copy is a function of software provisioning manager and is often used to create Test and QA systems (homogeneous system copy) but also to migrate productive systems to other platforms (heterogeneous system copy - change of OS or DB) - see System Copy and Migration @ the SCN. In any
case, you will get a new technical system with a new SID, while you may keep or delete the original system.

Figure 1: Homogenous and heterogeneous system copy

For both scenarios - homogenous and heterogeneous system copy - basically the same actions in the SLD apply.

These are described in the following.

System Copy Types and Required Actions in Landscape Data Management

Changes in the landscape in most cases require actions in the SLD to keep the Landscape Descriptions up-to-date. Here is a description of various scenarios.

Using the same SLD for the Copy as Used for the Original System:

You should check this data - see SAP Note 1842956 - Check Data Supplier Completeness for Technical System

Using a Different SLD

  • Re-configure the Data Supplier of the  copied system to another SLD system; see SAP Note 1842956
  • For the original system, decide, whether you need it still in the (original) SLD or not
  • If needed, configure the SLD for reading access in the copied system

Copying a System Running an SLD

  • Decide, if the new SLD (being part of SAP NetWeaver AS Java) is needed:

Copying an SAP Solution Manager System Running an SLD

Note, that the SLD running on SAP Solution Manager in most cases shall not act as the central SLD in your landscape (also see Planning Guide - System Landscape Directory). Nevertheless, if you are using this SLD, keep in mind, that data supplier settings may require changes (also see SLD Recommendation - Reasons to Use a Virtual IP Address for SLD Access) while the object server name of the SLD will require changes.

For this scenario, see SAP Notes:

Further Information

  • The System Copy Guide is available in SAP Service Marketplace at:> Software Logistics Toolset 1.0 > Documentation > System Provisioning > System Copy: Systems based on SAP NetWeaver <release>
  • Further information on landscape data handling is available Landscape Descriptions