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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
After part 1 and part 2 of this blog series your system has some results of data quality evaluations stored. You already had a look at those by starting with the rule that you have created. In reality there are of course many more rules and much more data that was evaluated. This part shows you how to analyze this evaluation result and take action on it.

Part 3 - Analyzing the evaluation results

  1. You have already seen that you can see the evaluation result for each rule in the Manage Data Quality Rules app. However, the usual way to access the evaluation result is to use one of the Evaluation Results apps.

    The app Evaluation Results - Products presents the results on product level.
    The other apps Evaluation Results - Plant Data of Products and Evaluation Results - Sales Data of Products present the results on the respective level of plant or sales organization.Launch the app Evaluation Results – Products.

  2. The app implements the Analytical List Page floorplan (ALP).
    The page consists of 3 parts:
    Header with the filter bar (here: displaying 3 visual filters)
    Smart chart (here: with the title Evaluation Items)
    Table (here: with the title Evaluation Items (19.788) )

  3. Whatever you define in the filter bar will influence the data displayed in the chart and in the table.

    You can also switch to compact filters with the button:

  4. You can add more filters with the Adapt Filters  button.

  5. The smart chart allows you to define your own chart type, choose dimensions from the product master data and drill-down to see the result by values of almost any field of the product basic data section.

  6. The table allows you to add almost any field of the product basic data section as a column.

    This and further functions are available in the settings dialog:

    Hint: double-click the separator between two columns to optimize the column width for the content.

  7. You can click on a product number to display a quick view of the product. You can add further navigation targets by choosing More Links.

  8. For example, to be able to create a change request for a product in order to fix the data quality issue, select the link Change Material - Governance.

  9. You can then use this link to directly create a change request.

  10. You can also select one or more products and click on Process Products to create a mass change process.

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