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In the Back-end connectivity with SAP Fiori Cloud demo | Part 1 I reviewed the landscape options and focused the series on the cloud + embedded option. For this video blog I'm going to focus on the cloud + ERP option using SAP Cloud Platform OData Provisioning.


The first video provides you an introduction into what SAP Cloud Platform OData Provisioning is


In the second video I show you how to consume OData services from the SAP ES4 public demo system. If you don't have access please reference here to sign up. I'll show you how to change the back-end destination of the My Inbox Fiori cloud edition app from an on premise back-end system to the ES4 system using SAP CP ODP.


*Disclaimer: the My Inbox Fiori app and the respective Task Processing service are used in this tutorial as an example to show how the configuration is done. Technically speaking the task processing service is hosted on the Gateway system and not in ERP. My Inbox is unique in this and all other Fiori apps would work as shown in the videos.

*Note: I'm using a productive SAP Fiori, cloud edition account for these videos but the process is the same should you want to follow along in your demo account.


In the third video I'm going to show you how to create a sample custom Fiori app in SAP Web IDE using the GWDemo OData service. At the end of this video you'll see both apps running in the Fiori launchpad.