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Product and Topic Expert

SAP Business Application Studio is a new SAP Cloud Platform service in SAP Cloud Foundry which offers a modular development environment tailored for efficient development of business applications for the SAP Intelligent Enterprise.

That was the definition from SAP about SAP Business Application Studio. But in simple words, its a new application that can be used to create CDS entities, mobile applications in SAP Fiori and much more. You can also connect to SAP HANA database and other external databases.

Steps to launch SAP Business Application Studio

In this 2 series blog post I will show how to connect to SAP Business Application Studio from scratch. In the next blog post I will show how to create a simple CDS entity in SAP Business Application Studio.


  1. To log on to SAP HANA on Cloud go to the link and click on Log On button.2. Click on your trial account as shown in the screen below.


3. You should see a trial account as shown in this screen.


4. Click on Subscriptions on the left section of the screen.


5. After having clicked on Subscriptions you will see various applications available under your trial account. Look for SAP Business Application Studio and click on it.

6. Click on Subscribe button as shown in the screen below.

7. Now click on link “Go to Application”.

7. Go to application

8. The screen shown below appears in a new window and click on the check box “Do not show this message again” and hit on OK button. This launches Business Application Studio.

9. Now click on the button “Create Dev Space” to create a development space.

10. Here you give a name for your Dev Space in the field Dev Space name. Then choose the radio button SAP Cloud Business Application and click on the Create Dev Space button. A dev space gets created in less than 2 minutes.

11. Here I am going to create a CDS views, tables so I chose the radio button SAP Cloud Business Application. If you want to create a SAP Fiori app then you will choose the radio button SAP Fiori. Similarly to work with mobile services on cloud platform you will choose the radio button SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services.

12. In this case, I gave the name as Aug1st for my Dev space. After the dev space is created the status appears as “Running”. Click on the dev space in this case Aug 1st to enter into SAP Business Application Studio.

13. SAP Business Application Studio screen appears as shown below with the message on a popup saying "All SAP Business Application Studio extensions have been installed. Enjoy your work!" Now Click on the Connect button on the bottom task bar.

14. In the next 5 screens you will set organization and space to work further. In the below screen enter your email address that you used to create while registering for cloud foundry and hit enter.

15. Now enter the password that you had set for your cloud foundry account and hit enter.

16. Now select your trial account that appears in the list and hit enter.

17. Here select the dev space from the list that appears and hit enter.

18. Now you see a message that says “The organization and Space have been set.” With this we are ready to start our development work in SAP Business Application Studio.


These are steps showing how to connect to SAP Business Application Studio. In the next edition of this blog post we will see how to create a CDS entity in SAP Business Application Studio.

Here is the link to my blog where in I have mentioned the steps to create CDS entities in SAP Business Application Studio.