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SAP Cloud ALM test capabilities help you to prepare and execute tests based on SAP content for manual testing and integration of automated testing tools.

In this blog, we cover how to establish the connection between SAP Cloud ALM and a Test Automation Tool. This is especially useful when a test automation provider is working on integrating a new test automation tool with SAP Cloud ALM. If the test automation tool has already been integrated by the test automation provider, please follow its documentation.


The Test Automation Tool must have implemented the SAP Cloud ALM Test Automation API:

The API description is available on the SAP Business API Hub.


SAP Cloud ALM uses a test automation endpoint to invoke the APIs.

This test automation endpoint needs to be configured in the Landscape Management Service of SAP Cloud ALM (LMS).

To do this, you need administrator rights for the LMS.

In the LMS there are Services (or Business Services) and each service can have multiple endpoints.

Depending on the service you will have different types of endpoints.

In order to create a new test automation endpoint, you need first to create the appropriate service.


Open LMS

In the SAP Cloud ALM launchpad in the admin section you will find the LMS tile:

Create the Service

First you need to create the service. In the left-hand side navigation panel click the second icon from the top as shown here:

Click on the Add button as show here below and select “New Service”:

Enter the service properties:

  • Name: cannot contain spaces

  • System Number: needs to be unique in this SAP Cloud ALM tenant (just invent it)

  • Service Type : choose a Test Automation tool which have already been validated (like Tricentis) or if you are in the process to integrate you tool choose “Test Automation (Deprecated)”. Once your tool has been validated you will get your own service type.

  • Role: choose Test or Production

  • Root URL: The root URL of your service. It will be reused during the endpoint creation.

Here is an example:

Create the Endpoint

Now select the service which you just created:

Click the “Add” button:

Enter the Endpoint properties:

  • Endpoint Name: is what will appear in the test management UIs as test automation provider.

  • Use Case: must be “Test Automation”

  • The root URL : to reach your test automation service

  • Authentication:

    • Basic

    • OAuth 2.0 (recommended)

  • Press the Check Connection button

  • Save your endpoint

Validate that the Endpoint is visible in Test Management

  • Go back to the SAP Cloud ALM launchpad.

  • Click the “Test Preparation” tile in the implementation section.

  • Verify that your endpoint appears in the “Automation Provider” filter.


Your Test Automation Tool is now connected to SAP Cloud ALM and can be used in Test Preparation and Test Execution.


Thanks for reading.