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As part of SAP HANA Cloud Services, SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) and SAP Data Warehouse Cloud (DWC) are an essential part of the SAP strategy. The combination of both is a powerful tool that is designed for complex analytics scenarios based on hybrid system architectures.

There are several ways to visualize data from DWC in SAC. As part of the embedded strategy of the SAP Analytics Cloud, each SAP Data Warehouse cloud contains an SAP Analytics Cloud, embedded version. With this you can directly access the data that is available in the warehouse. If you already have an SAC system and want to use DWC as a data source via a live connection, there are two variants:

  • Space Aware Connectivity

  • Cross-Tenant Connectivity

Space Aware Connectivity

If DWC and SAC are on the same tenant, they are automatically connected. They are now in the so-called "Space-Aware" mode. Artifacts of the SAP Analytics Cloud (Stories and Analytical Applications) can now consume data of particular SAP Data Warehouse Cloud spaces.

Cross-Tenant Connectivity

To use analytical datasets as data source in a cross-tenant SAP Analytics Cloud, two configurations must be made.

  1. The SAC tenant must be defined as Trusted Origin in DWC.

  2. A live connection from SAC to DWC must be established.

Defining a Trusted Origin in Data Warehouse Cloud

For adding a Trusted Origin in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, you have to switch to the embedded Analytics application. To do so, click on the menu in the upper right corner and select Analytics.

Open Administration via the main menu.

In the administrator view, open App Integration. Scroll to the Trusted Origins section and click Add a Trusted Origin. Add the URL of your separate SAP Analytics Cloud system.

Note: To perform these steps, you need to have administrator role for the DWC tenant.
Add a new live connection

Now we have to switch to the SAP Analytics Cloud, which we just added as Trusted Origin. Open Connection through the main menu.

Here click on the plus to add a new connection. The Select a Datasource dialog appears.

Expand Connect to Live Data and select SAP Data Warehouse Cloud.

In the next dialog, enter a Name and Description for your connection. Add your SAP Data Warehouse Cloud host name and enter 443 as the HTTPS port.

Note: SAML Single Sign On is preselected as the authentication method allowed. A valid SAP Data Warehouse Cloud user account in that tenant's Identity Provider is required to log on to the data source.
Choose an analytical dataset as data source in a story

It is important to know that it is not required to create a data model in SAC. SAP Analytics Cloud can directly access analytical datasets within SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and use it as data source.

Create a new story. Navigate from the main menu to Create, then Story. Choose Access and Explore Data to create a story. The Let's add Some data! dialog appears. Select Data from a datasource.

In the dialog, expand Connect to Live Data and select SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. If you have more than one live connection to DWC systems, select the one you want.

In the Select Your Space dialog, select an SAP Data Warehouse Cloud space with the data you want to access. In the Select Your Data dialog, select your Analytical Data Set and click OK.

That's it! Now the Analytical Data Set is defined as a data model inside the story and you can create the first chart.

More information like product features, roadmaps or guided playlists can be found here: