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Product and Topic Expert
Dear All,

Are you interested in learning how to securely connect a Postgres database from SAP BTP to a local playground?

Connecting a Postgres database from SAP BTP to a local playground can be a complex and daunting process. However, it's very important to familiarize yourself with the process, and understand the best practices for security and scalability when connecting a Postgres database to a local playground.

In this blogpost, we will explore how to securely connect a Postgres database from SAP BTP to a local playground.

I will cover what Postgres is, the advantages of using Postgres for local playgrounds, different methods of connecting Postgres to a local playground, best practices for security and scalability when connecting Postgres to a local playground, and resources to help you get started. Postgres is an open-source relational database that provides a strong foundation for highly-scalable applications.

Postgres offers advanced features such as high availability, transaction-recognition locking, and point-in-time recovery, which makes it the ideal choice for high performance applications. Postgres for local playgrounds offers the following advantages:

Postgres supports a long list of database features, including several enterprise features. Aside from standard relational database features, some of the most notable features in Postgres are:

  • Streaming replication

  • Schemas

  • User-defined objects like operators, data types, and functions

  • Nested transactions

  • Table inheritance

  • Partitioning

  • Several unusual data types, like Money, Geometry, IP addresses, JSON, and data ranges.

  • Can execute stored procedures in over a dozen programming languages, including Java, Perl, Python, Ruby, and C/C++.

Due to its first-class support for JSON, Postgres is often a good alternative to “No-SQL” databases like MongoDB. Read more about PostgreSQL


Let's connect to PostgreSQL DB from SAP BTP as Playground - DBeaver

Go to BTP and enable PostgreSQL Hyperscaler like below screen and be ready with Credentials which is generated in Service Keys.

In view credentials button, you will see PostgreSQL database credentials to connect your DB via SSH Tunnel.

Watch out my previous blog on how to connect : PostgreSQL SSH Tunnel

Now I can connect PostgreSQL DB Successfully via SSL cert through SSH Tunnel.

DB Administrator can now query & access core PG tables



This section provides an overview of the security-relevant information that applies to the PostgreSQL service.



PostgreSQL, hyperscaler option’ service is available as a CPEA-only service and is also available on the SAP StoreInformation published on SAP site.

The service is meant to be a replacement for the retired service -> 'PostgreSQL on SAP BTP', and is built on hyperscaler PostgreSQL offerings.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



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