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HI All,

Recently came along a request to enable SSL communication throught the BO landscape.

Information regarding tomcat SSL, CORBA SSL is availble in abundance, however i could not get much  regarding implementing SSL on Mobile Devices.

To be frank, there is little that has to be done, but trust me , if you do not know the key, you will be wandering for hours!!


Pre requisties:

  • Tomcat SSL is enabled and working fine ( SAP note: 1648573 )
  • Able to open http URL from safari browser on mobile device ( http://servername:8080 )

Optional: CORBA SSL is configured. ( just to ensure end to end SSL Refer: Administrators guide at ) ==========================================================================================

If Tomcat SSL is configured, you should be able to open https://servername:8443 ( default ) url on your IE or firefox browsers.Login to make sure, you are able to access documents etc. Now, try to access the https url on your ipad or iphone, it is bound to throw the error mentioned below:


Error message received while trying to view https://servername:8443 ( tomcat page ) in safari browser.

On the left tab, i can see the apache tomcat page http:servername:8080 ( without SSL )

Untill you resolve this issue, you would not be able to login to your SAP BI app using HTTPS connections !! :!: :shock:

Now, some of you would not face this.. I now know why!! :smile:

The ones who are facing this:

  • Go to your Wifi connections.
  • Disable proxy server if any.


   HTTP Proxy has been disabled here

Yes, this is the culprit here. If you are routing your request using proxy servers, it would not be able to divert the request to the application server.

Disable proxy, let it connect directly ( doing this, might now allow you to use internet, but it will surely let you use HTTPS to your Tomcat server )

Hope this helps


Atul B