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Welcome to the On-Premise SFTP server Connectivity in SAP Cloud Integration guide. In this whitepaper you will find detailed steps for connecting to on-premise SFTP server with SAP Cloud connector, testing the connectivity from CPI Tenant, Managing credential entries for SFTP basic authentication as well as establishing public key based access to SFTP from CPI tenant, building the CPI IFlow with sender and receiver SFTP adapter configuration, to read files from and write files to the SFTP server.


In this whitepaper, you will find the following:

  • Chapter 1 – Setup on On-Premise SFTP Server

    • Create Inbound and Outbound Folders in SFTP Server

  • Chapter 2 – Setup on SAP Cloud Connector

  • Chapter 3 – Simple Connectivity Test in CPI

  • Chapter 4 – SFTP security Management in CPI

    • Create user Credential in CPI Client

    • Connectivity Test with user Credential

    • Creating Public Key

    • Connectivity Test with Dual Authentication

  • Chapter 5 – IFlow with SFTP Adapter

    • IFlow Design

    • SFTP Sender Configuration

    • SFTP Receiver Configuration

    • Testing IFlow

    •  SFTP Servers in Internet

To access this white paper, please refer to the following wiki: How to Connect from SAP Cloud Integration to On-Premise SFTP Server.