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ATTENTION: Updated on April 11, 2016 since ES1 has been deprecated. Using now ES4.

Do you need to connect your SAP Web IDE to an external GW system? Check hereafter how you can achieve this.

Let's suppose your want to use the OData services provided by the system This is a public GW server: you can get more information and register to it by going to the page Sign up and get started with the SAP Gateway - Demo Consumption System

Since this is public, you can connect to it without using the HANA Cloud connector:

all you have to do is to create a new destination in the environment as follows:

Proxy TypeInternet
Cloud Connector version2

Add also the following additional properties:


You should get something like this:

There are some things which you need to pay special attention to:

  1. In the destination URL you should only provide the domain, so it's just SAP Web IDE will automatically concatenate the resource path to it.
  2. do not forget to use the new names (WebIDEEnabled,WebIDESystem,WebIDEUsage) for the Additional Properties since the old ones have been deprecated;
  3. since this is an ABAP system you can specify the "odata_abap" usage: this will allow you to browse for this OData source directly in the Service Catalog.

So, for example, if you want to create a SAP Fiori application using the SAP Fiori Master-Detail template you have to do the following at Data Connection step of the creation process:

  1. Select Service Catalog
  2. Browse for the new destination you have created, in this case it's es4
  3. Select the service you want to use (in this case RMTSAMPLEFLIGHT)
  4. Click on Next

After this, the process continues as usual.

That's all!