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Welcome to Simple Synchronous SOAP Consumer in R3 System with CPI SOAP Adapter – Setup and Configuration guide. In this whitepaper you will find all the details that are needed to configure and test CPI SOAP Adapter from R3 Consumer Proxy and troubleshooting guidelines.


In this whitepaper, you will find the following:

Chapter 1 – Setting up IFlow with Groovy script logging

  • Configure Soap connector

  • Build IFlow and Create Groovy script for logging

Chapter 2 – Test with SoapUI

  • Collect WSDL and test in SoapUI

Chapter 3 – Configure and Test R3 Consumer Proxy with IFlow WSDL

  • Create R3 Consumer Proxy with IFlow WSDL

  • Create Logical Port

  • Test R3 Consumer Proxy

Chapter 4 – Troubleshooting


  • ICM Level 3 Trace

  • Possible errors when running ‘Ping’ on Logical Port in SOAMANAGER

    • Endpoint not present Error

    • Authorization Failure

    • SSL Error

      • Setup CPI tenant Certificate into SAP ERP System

    • NIECONN_R Error

  • GENERAL_ERROR during Proxy Processing in R3 Consumer


To access this whitepaper, please refer to the following 3045410 - Configuring synchronous SOAP consumer in R3 system with CPI SOAP Adapter.