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One of the most typical examples for an integration scenario is the aggregation of messages, which belong semantically together, to one big message, also known as Aggregator pattern. It is also not too difficult to implement the Aggregator using SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration. On our dedicated web page for Enterprise Integration Patterns built with SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration you will find an example for the Aggregator as well. However, the given solution only shows the aggregation of messages belonging to exactly the same interface.

But how does a solution look like which cares about different interfaces? Although this sounds very easy at first sight, it turns out to be quite tricky as you don’t know the interface of the first incoming message. In essence your integration process must be prepared for receiving any of the participating interfaces as the first message. In May I’ve published an article about a solution for this scenario in the SAP Professional Journal. Now I have good news for you: our colleagues at SAP Professional Journal agreed on making the article publically available due to its high importance for our customers! You can download it at the following location:

In addition this scenario will also be the basis for our four hours hands-on workshop session at this year’s TechEd. We will guide you through the exercises giving you the opportunity to build the whole scenario from scratch and to learn how the different components of SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration work nicely together to make the scenario work. More details about the session can be found on the TechEd homepage, session POP261 “SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration – Build a Complete Integration Scenario”.

Looking forward to seeing you all at TechEd!