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Product and Topic Expert

Ready for 2020 - how you can check if your systems are properly connected to SAP's support backbone

As you are most likely already aware, SAP has updated the support backbone infrastructure and will switch off the legacy infrastructure on January 1st, 2020.

Many customer systems, especially SAP Solution Manager systems, systems using SAP Note Assistant (SNOTE) and systems sending EarlyWatch Alert reports are connected to the support backbone to exchange data. But how can you check if all your systems are properly connected?

One Support Launchpad: Check your SAP Solution Manager connectivity

In the One Support Launchpad, in the "My Landscape" app, you can find the tile "Managing Landscape". This tile provides an overview of the backbone connectivity status of your SAP Solution Manager system.


EarlyWatch Alert Workspace: Check your systems

To get a list of all systems in your landscape which are not yet ready and need to be switched to the new support backbone connectivity, just follow this link.

It will take you to the EarlyWatch Alert Workspace and preselects the filter for "Backbone Connectivity". As a result, you get a list of all systems (at least those who send EarlyWatch Alert reports to SAP) which are not ready yet and need to be connected to the updated support backbone infrastructure.

You then can drill down further to understand which action needs to be taken:


That's it! Now you have a list of all systems where you need to update the connectivity. All relevant information is available at the landing page. For SAP Solution Manager, SP-specific checklists can be used to ensure proper connectivity. For managed systems and Focused Run systems, check out the Support Backbone Update Guide.

Please note that your S-User needs to have the authorization "Service Reports and Feedback" to see this list of systems.


Additional Life-hack:

This list will show all the systems which are not ready to connect to the updated support backbone. If you would like to see systems which are ready (green alerts), remove the filtering category and search for the text string "HTTPS -> SAP". If this produces too many results, you can also use the search term "backbone".