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The Servers management area of the CMC is your primary tool for server management tasks. It provides a list of all of the servers in your deployment. For most management and configuration tasks, you need to select a server in the list and choose a command from the Manage or Action menu.

For the servers the following issues/cases could occur and you can see how to troubleshoot them in the steps below:

  • Are all servers enabled?
  • Restart Web Intelligence Servers
  • Check the health of servers
  • Are all servers started?
  • Go to CMC → check Web Intelligence services
  • Restart SIA (Server Intelligence Agent)

1.   Are all servers enabled?

  • Displays whether the server is enabled or disabled.

2.   Restart Web Intelligence Servers

  • Please see the following process in case of a Stopped state server in CMC.

  • Select the stopped server and click on the „Start a server” button.

  • After starting the server it is disappearing from the Stopped server list and will be available in the Running server list.

3. Check the health of servers

Indicates the general health of the server. Possible server states include the following:

  • Green (healthy)
  • Amber (caution)
  • Red (danger)
  • Gray (watch has been disabled for the server(s))

4.   Are all servers started?

Displays the servers according to their current status. This is a valuable tool for checking to see which of your servers are running or stopped. If you are experiencing slow performance on the system, for example, you can use the" Server Status" list to quickly determine if any of your servers are in an abnormal state. Possible server states include the following:

  • Stopped
  • Starting
  • Initializing
  • Running
  • Stopping
  • Started with Errors
  • Failed
  • Waiting for resources

5.   Go to CMC > check Web Intelligence services

Provides a list of the types of services that may be in your deployment. Service categories are divided into core BI platform services and services associated with specific SAP BusinessObjects components. Service categories include:

  • Connectivity Services
  • Core Services
  • Crystal Reports Services
  • Data Federation Services
  • Lifecycle Management Services
  • Analysis Services
  • Web Intelligence Services
  • Dashboards Services

Select a service category in the navigation list to view or manage the servers in the category.


A server may host services belonging to multiple service categories. Therefore a server can appear in several service categories.

6.   Restart SIA (Server Intelligence Agent)

1. From the Start menu, select Programs → SAP BusinessObjects BI platform 4 SAP BusinessObjects BI platform Central Configuration Manager.

2. Select Server Intelligence Agent in the list and click Stop.
Wait until the state of all services is Stopped.

3. Select Server Intelligence Agent in the list and click Start.
Wait until the state of all services is Running.

4. Click Manage Servers .

5. In the login page, enter the user name and password.
There is sometimes a short delay. After waiting a short time, try to login again.
A list of services is displayed.

Click Refresh to get the latest services status.
The State column displays the services as Running.

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