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1. Problem

    The setup.bin hangs in the ‘Forking JAVA in launching installer’ stage.


     [ How to debug]


     - If you add the following to setup.bin, it shows that setup process stopped at the "Forking JAVA step".


      1) ./setup.bin -Dlax.debug.all=true -Dlax.debug.level=3


     [LAX debugging] 

     /BI/gjang/prod/ebf25475>./setup.bin -Dlax.debug.all=true -Dlax.debug.level=3

     Preparing to install...


     Launching installer...

     ========= VM Command Line ============================================

     options:   -DACTIVE=true


     ========= Forking JAVA ================================================


    .... <- The setup process stops.

2. Cause


    It seems to be a compatibility issue between OS env, patch  levels, tar version .... etc.

3. Possible solution

    When it hangs at “Forking JAVA”, you can force the installer to point to and use a functioning jvm (version 1.6 or higher) on the machine, by issuing the following command:

    % ./setup.bin LAX_VM “full_path_to_java_executable”


    ex) %  ./setup.bin LAX_VM /usr/bin/java


Gi-Sung Jang

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