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Dear All,

To upload the files into an S3 bucket, there is other recommend way is using a desktop tool that will preserve the directory structure and will recover if your network connection is interrupted.

Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) is a cloud storage service that allows users to store and retrieve any amount of data, at any time, from anywhere on the web. S3 buckets are a popular storage option for businesses and individuals because they offer scalable, low-cost storage for a wide variety of use cases.

Object Store on SAP BTP

Store and manage the blobs/objects on SAP BTP.
Overview of Object store

Object Store service on SAP BTP lets you store and manage objects, which involves creation, upload, download, and deletion. This service is specific to the IaaS layer such as Azure Blob Storage, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform

First you'll need to have created an S3 bucket to upload to. Here are the instructions to do this.

How to get AWS S3 (Simple Storage Service) bucket key pair from SAP BTP

Once you enabled Object store and referenced to cloud foundry app, you would see this below account details to S3 bucket.

 Uploading a file to an Object store - AWS S3 bucket from Windows

Download and install WinSCP

Configure the connection in WinSCP:

  1. Select "New site"
  2. In the New site dialog, select Amazon S3 protocol
  3. In the "Host" field, enter "
  4. Enter the Access Key ID and Secret Access Key
  5. Click 'Advanced'
  6. Click "Directories" (in the "Environment" section)
  7. In the 'Remote Directory" field, enter the S3 bucket name
  8. Click "S3" (in the "Environment" section) - Select AWS Region
    1. Once connected, you can drag-and-drop the top-level directories into the S3 bucket. This will recursively upload the files and sub-directories.

In above use case, SAP Commissions sql files are stored in AWS S3 Bucket for Touchless Deployment which is maintained through version control by an admin.