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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Co-Author: johannesweber03

The term “smart” is often no longer something to think about when naming new products or trends. At SAP E-Mobility, “smart” is not an empty shell, but an honest obligation to provide a sustainable framework for optimal, efficient, and cost saving charging operations.

The demand for electricity is constantly rising. Supply and demand are not always in balance. Peaks occur in the availability of electricity and there are also peak times when purchasing electricity. Inevitably limitations on demand and supply side of electricity consumption occurs.

With new dynamic load management functionalities, SAP E-Mobility supports dynamic and intelligent load balancing during the charging process of electric vehicles. Dynamic load management allows to optimize charging capacity by continuously distributing capacities evenly across all at the time charging electric vehicles.

SAP E-Mobility offers smart charging capabilities for optimal, efficient and cost saving charging operations


With charging plans and priority charging functionalities SAP E-Mobility can control the power to be provided for charging sessions due to customer-defined peak times. It is also possible to define, on a dedicated basis per charging station, the maximum power that can be used to charge a connected vehicle. In this way, a prioritization is also supported for dynamic load management. This ensures that all vehicles are charged at the end of the day, independent of external influencing factors, based on optimized conditions.

Not only does smart sound – it’s that way, too, the new SMART CHARGING from SAP E-Mobility.


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