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As our interactions become more digital, we also need them to become nearly effortless. From online shopping, to connecting with friends and family, to watching movies, we expect the online experience to be simple, fast, and seamless. As I write this, we are in the middle of a worldwide ‘stay-at-home’ order due to COVID-19. Businesses have learned very quickly, if they did not have digital presence or support, they will have become irrelevant, especially at this time.

It is more important than ever before for SAP customers to have access to support in times of need. To make that happen, we have invested in both the technology and the human aspect of the support experience, so that customers experience simple and fast service.

The Next-Generation Support experience makes customer support as effortless as possible by combining breakthrough artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies as well as live-support options, so that customers can speak to our experts at any time.

Introducing the support assistant powered by AI and ML

A first-class support experience begins with the integration of SAP´s powerful knowledge management engine equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technology—this is our new support assistant. Using these new-age technologies, the support assistant suggests solutions automatically while the incident is being created, so that customers can find relevant SAP Notes and SAP Knowledge Base Articles quickly and effortlessly without searching manually. This automates support processes so that customers receive recommended solutions, even perhaps eliminating the need to create an incident.

We are already hearing from customers how beneficial the support assistant can be. In a usability study for support assistant, one customer said, “I may just find the answer without reporting an incident. So it is an easier way to find answers ourselves.”

Strengthening the human connection in support

Technology is a powerful driver for issue resolution, but nothing can fully replace human connection. While SAP is investing in specific tools and technology with AI and ML, we are also continuing to invest in our live support channels.

You may have heard about Expert Chat and Schedule an Expert, real-time support options which have been around for several years. Solutions on commonly known issues can be found with the support assistant, but if issues are new and need a new solution, customers should leverage Expert Chat or Schedule an Expert. Both of these live-support channels provide customers access to our expert engineers.

If you are hearing about these live support options for the first time, you should take the Product Support Accreditation where you can quickly learn and get certified about all of our latest support tools.

Through our investment in AI and ML technology, as well as strengthening the human connection, we will advance the customer support experience with SAP so that it feels both seamless and nearly effortless.

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