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SAP Smart Business is a framework for visualizing analytic content in the form of charts and tiles.

In this blog, we will see the overview of Smart Business entities.

KPIs and OPIs can be visualized as SAP Fiori applications without writing any code. A Smart Business application is full-screen dashboard application that can visualize the KPI data in different perspectives along with associated KPI’s.

The following picture explains the complete flow of how Smart Business works:


Let us see about each entity one by one:


KPI’s or OPI’s are one of the main entities of Smart Business. KPI could have any key value in the business system which is having strategic business importance. KPIs or OPIs are a more abstract entity based on which more concrete evaluations are configured.


An Evaluation defines what information about the KPI should be seen at the Smart Business at runtime. Evaluation is a combination of input parameters, filters, thresholds, targets and trends that you apply to a KPI or OPI.
Configure KPI Drilldown:

For an evaluation, various types of charts can be configured for a number of dimensions and measures and the same can be viewed at runtime by business users. The below image explains, how configure KPI Drilldown looks like along with the various types of charts that can be configured for an evaluation:


Configure KPI Tiles:

Evaluation can have several tile representations and the tile will be the first point of entry for the Smart Business applications at runtime. The available tile types are Numeric Tile, Comparison Tile, Trend Tile, Actual Vs Target Tile (Deviation Tile), Comparison Tile with multiple measures, Harvey Ball tile, etc.


So far we have seen, Smart Business design time applications which are for visualizing the analytical content in the required charts and tile format. Now let us see, how Smart Business application looks in the runtime.

Smart Business Runtime Application:

Once the KPI Tile is published. Then it will be visible in the Fiori Launchpad Homepage.

On click of the tile will redirects to the runtime application. Based on configured we did earlier.


Refer to below blog for creating KPI and Tiles.

For more information please follow Smart Business Blog:


Note: In case you face any issue with Smart Business Service, you can create an Incident on SAP Support Portal with the components: CA-GTF-SB-HCP. You may also contact Smart Business team at