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Many law enforcement agencies rely on a variety of siloed and aging applications  to track down criminals. Unfortunately, those systems are by far not designed to address challenges of policing in the year 2016. And for a variety of reasons the actual decommissioning and replacement of the systems tends to be a challenge.  Many large scale & failed ICT projects with the aim to replace key operational policing systems sadly provide evidence of this fact around the globe.

One forward thinking option to address this dilemma is a technology refresh to the overall ICT on top of legacy systems. Basically, a state-of-the-art layer on top of the current infrastructure as illustrated next:

A technology refresh which leaves those old legacy systems  in place - at least for the time being -  while bringing data into a in-memory data platform for analysis. A Data Fusion & Intelligence Analysis platform for storing, predicting, searching, visualizing and linking information, - fast and secure- from a variety of data sources and formats. A platform as it is provided by the in-memory computing platform SAP HANA. 

The actually replacement of the underlying legacy systems can then be addressed well planned without the imminent need for a rashly action. (For the latter SAP provides with SAP Investigative Case Management an ideal solution for a modular operation platform for law enforcement)

Watch this 3 min video on how SAP HANA can help to track down a perpetrator and to link him to other crimes  by integrating data from a variety  of sources such as cell tower information,  social media chatter, witness interviews, ballistic reports, and/or  license plate reader databases.  SAP HANA - as the most advanced in-memory real time data processing platform on the market -   can rapidly ingest varying types of data to allow officers to interpret a situation and interactively query evidence to approve or disprove a hypothesis.

Analysis at the speed of thought!

Klaus Wigand

Global Solution Manager for SAP Public Security and Future Cities
Industry Business Solutions