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Today we will unlock how BTP drives speed and value around the core processes for organizations on their way to the intelligent, sustainable enterprise. Furthermore, we will shed some light on engagements combining the strength of Business Process Management and platform technology - delivering "Insights to Value" practice with SAP BTP leveraging SAP Signavio. 

Starting in 2023, SAP has relaunched its SAP Corporate Strategy positioning the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) at the heart of SAP's product strategy as the unified, business-centric, open platform of SAP. The SAP BTP plays a key role in SAP's mission to enable every enterprise to become an intelligent, sustainable enterprise. 

The SAP Product Strategy - The Intelligent Enterprise | SAP

To ensure that intelligent enterprises can quickly develop, deploy, and manage applications, SAP BTP is building the technology foundation. Prominent proof of the SAP BTP value was shown at SAP Teched 2022 by customers like Apple. 

For companies to start their transformation, a profound analysis and assessment of their processes, data, and systems need to be done. SAP has managed to orchestrate these assessment capabilities in its SAP Signavio portfolio. By combining the strength of an in-depth business process analysis run by SAP Signavio with the robust ecosystems of Solutions, data, and AI (Artificial Intelligence), the SAP BTP technology offers, SAP equips our customers with everything needed to run best. 


How SAP BTP drives speed and value around the core 

A McKinsey study of more than 400 companies has found a clear link between accelerating software innovation and company performance. For example, companies that can innovate faster have 60% higher total shareholder returns and 20% higher operating margins.  

Today, companies must not only "master the nuances of their industry, but they also need to excel first and foremost at developing software." (McKinsey, 2020) 

To unlock this value, enterprises need to understand how they can apply the best technology to rapidly develop and deploy compelling custom functionality with out of box 'suite qualities. These suite qualities facilitate a consistent experience across applications with unified security, workflow, data semantics, user interface, lifecycle management, and process architectures. In addition, the newly introduced SAP Build offers No/Low Code services as well as Pro Code offerings for enterprises aiming at a platform openness to develop according to their demand. For example, SAP BTP provides a set of application programming interfaces (APIs – and software development kits (SDKs) that enable organizations to integrate easily with existing systems and data sources. This means businesses can instantly connect their SAP systems with 3rd party systems and data sources, increasing speed and efficiency. This reduces the time and effort required to build custom functionality and build from scratch, reducing the development cost. Furthermore, with the governance and pre-delivered content of SAP Build, enterprises can stay compliant and secure and yet take advantage of their development expertise to serve their needs.  

Considering the transformation path, enterprises can follow three approaches at every skill level: 

  1. Business User Extensibility building easy-to-apply extensions,  

  2. Development User Extensibility to manage business-impacting extensions  

  3. and combining both towards a hybrid modular approach balancing technological stability and business flexibility.  

The common denominator of all approaches is the profound understanding of their AS-IS. To ensure the best execution of the transformation, a new business practice helps first discover the intricacies of processes and data to be equipped for the transformation. 


How SAP Business Technology Platform and SAP Signavio accelerate the value identification and realization 

Generating Business Value with SAP BTP - image by max929

The Insights to Value offering of SAP BTP, where SAP Signavio and SAP BTP offerings are combined to generate the best business value through the best insights and solution proposals, is a profound engagement on the transformation path. 

Based on SAP Signavio solutions, businesses can gain insights and tailored recommendations based on their current process performance and SAP technology. Via SAP Signavio Process Explorer, business users and experts can explore additional best practice reference content covering the entire SAP solution portfolio, specifically SAP BTP best practices.  

Industries and Process and Sub-process Best Practices are consolidated in one single repository to give first guidance. 

Based on this, the first step is the discovery of optimization, automation, or business transformation potentials via a system, process, and data analysis. Beyond various SAP service offerings directly tailored to the transformation need e.g., ICCM (Intelligent Custom Code Management), the SAP Process Insights - Discovery Edition is the go-to starting point for enterprises looking into a rapid identification of focus areas of their core business processes with the ability to drill down to potential root causes. 

The second step is the analysis of the AS-IS and modeling of the processes with the SAP Signavio Process Manager and SAP Signavio Process Intelligence to detect process inefficiencies or processes noncompliance. Bringing architectural and technological experience and process excellence together in a visual format gives transparency and quick receptivity to customers' challenges. 

Architectural expertise combined with the technology know-how of the SAP BTP portfolio further serves to rethink business processes with the latest technologies, and a robust ecosystem of solutions, data, and AI to increase the company's business performance. 

Use cases reach from automation of repetitive process steps, over the application of workflows ensuring process compliance, technical integration of former system breaks causing delays in lead times up to correlation of data to ensure data insights for best decision making. 

Practical examples are found on, where a variety of SAP BTP use cases and value cases are shared with respect to different industries.  

Having done a detailed process modeling of the existing "As-Is process," focus is laid on the design of a potential "To-Be process" applying best practices and technological expertise of SAP BTP innovations, which offers a high flexibility along a salable portfolio to drive speed and value. 

Third, the resulting process model and recommended TO-BE architecture is used as an input for a proof of concept, prototype, or direct process redesign delivered in active collaboration across the organization. 

As a fourth step spot is on the SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite to continuously track processes along dedicated KPIs (key performance indicators) and PPIs (process performance indicators), leveraging the analytic capabilities and automated recommendations in accordance with a continued business process management. This way, SAP can enable enterprises with the organizational and regulatory compliance of all documented processes, increase agility and help to adapt to future changes and be market ready. 

To sum it up, by leveraging the offering of SAP BTP in combination with the SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite, SAP provides companies with valuable insights and recommendations to optimize their business processes fast and at scale. This way customers can stay ahead of the game with improved operational efficiency, reduced costs, and profitability growth on the way to an intelligent, sustainable enterprise. 

Concisely, the combined offering of SAP Signavio and the SAP Business Technology Platform 

  1. identifies process inefficiencies by an in-depth assessment and analysis combined with a benchmark and best practice recommendation

  2. drives speed and value around the core by giving guidance on flexible but securely governed innovations to become an intelligent, sustainable enterprise with SAP BTP

  3. and reduces the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by applying continuous improvement potentials.


So what is your transformation practice on the way to an intelligent, sustainable enterprise? 

What additional engagements would you ask for to be best guided in your transformation?

Get ready to unleash your business potential in a personal conversation and watch our SAP Community Call on YouTube from February 28 



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