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Back in June 2020, Honeywell and SAP announced a joint development partnership to create a cloud solution to help increase both management efficiencies and insights for intelligent buildings. Based on Honeywell Forge, their enterprise performance management offering, and what is now SAP Business Technology Platform, this solution would target corporate real-estate owners and building operators. Portfolio holders would gain aggregated financial and operational intelligence through the streamlining and combining of Honeywell Forge operational and SAP business data, leading to better decision-making and greater management efficiencies.  

Making Intelligent Buildings a Reality 

Fast forward to this week, with SAP and Honeywell announcing Honeywell Forge Real Estate Operations. This new cloud-based offering, available on SAP Store, is an out-of-the box cloud analytics application, and will be presented during SAPPHIRE NOW.  With SAP solutions and Honeywell Forge Real Estate Operations, both leaders are together making sense of fragmented, digitized data. 

The strength of Honeywell Forge Real Estate Operations is to combine, analyze and score data to deliver you new insights, in a detailed overview of your infrastructure at a moment’s notice.  Focus areas are:   

  • Financial summary: With the smart financial building score, you gain a comprehensive picture of the overall financial health of your entire building portfolio. From a central location, you can see which sites are underperforming financially and in which locations, and even detect trends to ensure you’re achieving your financial targets. 

  • Occupant safety: The safety score provides visibility into compliance of safety practices such as indoor air quality and safe capacity limits, as well visibility into the cost to maintain safety compliance. By viewing the occupant safety score, you gain an overview of occupant safety practices, especially during high health risk periods. As a result, you can optimize for a safe environment while also understanding the costs associated with maintaining safety. 

  • Occupant experience: The experience score gives you visibility into your ability to maintain a comfortable environment in buildings by collecting actual occupant feedback, as well as the cost to maintain a comfortable environment.  

  • Occupant utilization: The utilization score allows you to visualize infrastructure utilization from both an operational and financial perspective. These insights help you identify issues such as space over- or under-utilization, as well as determine if your planned workplace can meet current and future workforce requirements. 

  • Sustainability: With real-time knowledge of your sustainability score and corresponding KPIs, you have a clear line of site to metrics such as building energy consumption and carbon footprint. As a result, you can help ensure your portfolio is meeting your organization's sustainability goals and getting the necessary financial return on your sustainability investments.   

  • Operational readiness: The operational readiness score delivers rapid information about the availability of critical assets, the number of open services cases, and corresponding capital and operational costs. As a result, you can determine your costs and operational readiness by site – insights needed to support efficiency, cost optimization, and occupant comfort.  

Back to Work

As buildings come back online and people return to the workplace, Honeywell Forge Real Estate can help you plan how to get your employees back in safely, cost effectively, and with confidence. You can also shape your long-term strategy to ensure occupant safety, occupant experience, and occupant utilization across your building portfolio. While you can now have an holistic view of your data to determine the true efficiency and utilization of your portfolios, even cooler, your building can truly become more intelligent. 

Learn More at SAPPHIRE NOW 

The Honeywell Forge Real Estate Operations app can be found on SAP Store, the digital marketplace for SAP and partner solutions. Visit SAP Store today and learn how you can gain aggregated financial and operational intelligence for your complex real estate portfolio with the Honeywell app. Also join Honeywell and SAP at SAPPHIRE NOW for track session FIN603.