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Today, High Tech companies are operating within a market and economy experiencing the most profound changes in our history. According to a 2013 McKinsey Study, more than 60% of CEO's expect 15-50% of their earnings growth in the next 5 years to come from technology-enabled business innovations. On the flip side, 40% of those executives surveyed also worry that their organizations will not keep pace with technology change and lose their competitive edge.

These changes unveil new areas of opportunity for High Tech companies to innovate and grow in four key areas:

  • Hyper-personalizing  the Customer Experience
  • Engaging & empowering the Workforce of the Future
  • Planning, optimizing and running a Real Time business
  • Harnessing the potential Intelligence of The Digital Economy

Disruptive technologies offer significant potential to drive business innovation – but are added burdens to IT capabilities. Cutting through complexity is essential to rapid, disruptive marketplace innovation because the future for the high tech industry will come at a geometrically increasing pace. The lightning pace of the industry requires the accumulation and interpretation of big data to remain competitive.

SAP supports growth in the high-tech industry by enabling the shift from products to complete solutions across the development cycle and supply chain. Our solutions help high tech companies move ahead of the competition by innovating through software and simplifying business processes through Big Data.

With SAP S/4HANA, companies gain the ability to align innovation portfolios with market demands, establish reliable and responsive supplier and partner networks, and make it easy for customers to do business. With this clarity also comes the confidence to take calculated risks with predictable outcomes.

Innovation and simplicity are at the core of SAP’s all-integrated, cloud-first platform. Designed to deliver comprehensive, industry-specific solutions, more than 15,000 High Tech customers across 106 countries rely on SAP to help them bring relevant innovation to market, personalize offers, and optimize supply chain processes better than the competition. From developing new business models that monetize technology to recruiting and retaining top talent, SAP software is the perfect end-to-end solution for high-tech companies.

Learn more about SAP HANA for High Tech, and find out how you can harness the power of Big Data for your company.