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If you aren’t moving faster than your competitors, you may as well be standing still. As Big Data continues to grow at an explosive rate, you may be handicapped by your systems. According to a global survey of 367 organizations, commissioned by SAP and conducted by Forrester Consulting, most enterprises recognize that they have to move on from traditional data management with 72% of those surveyed stating that they plan to implement real-time data management over the next two years1.

That’s because current systems are based on an old model of tried and trusted processes that change rarely and slowly. Today, businesses must switch operations mid-process if they want to take advantage of new opportunities and address potential risks.

To move at this speed, they need to give the right people the right information at the right moment – which means real-time data. But most organizations don’t yet have this capability. 46% lack the vital access to information. An amazing 74% have no business analytics strategy2.

Even organizations with analytic decision support systems have usually built them on a different platform from their business operations. This causes delays as data is transferred from one to the other.

The good news is it doesn’t have to be this way. Today, businesses can couple transactions with analysis, in real-time, in a single, blended environment. New technologies such as SAP HANA platform, along with analytical tools, are becoming more integrated and adaptable to changing business needs. Data management is finally driving business innovation.

As the distinction between transactional and analytical data begins to fade, companies will discover new ways to transform their business. Insights will become ingrained into the DNA of people and process. Companies will finally be able to run a real-time enterprise that simultaneously transacts, analyzes and acts.

You can learn more at and or join the conversation at #redefinedata.


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