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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
The future of energy is intelligent, sustainable, and data driven. See how energyOS is leading the way.

Most power grids currently in use were designed to efficiently conduct power from large power plants to end-users. Now, we are looking at the reverse as well, as they become more decentralized and flexible. With the right equipment, homes and businesses can now produce much of their own power, and potentially even sell their surpluses. And solar and wind power can be made and stored to meet peak demand.

The shift toward sustainability and decarbonization is necessary, though at present it can be complex. To help accelerate the transition toward a smarter power grid, energyOS has developed a cloud-based solution that makes it easier for utilities and their customers to take control and become more sustainable and self-sufficient.

Building a sustainable future

In this episode of Better Together: Customer Conversations, we are focusing on energyOS and the work they are doing to help power the shift toward sustainable energy usage.

The energyOS solution, eOS, is SAP-certified and built on the SAP Business Technology Platform. It is designed to help utilities engage their mass-market residential and small-to-medium enterprise (SME) customers in the transition to clean and decentralized energy.

In this episode, Stephen Kubicki, CEO of energyOS, joins us to discuss some of the following issues:

  • The evolution of the traditional energy utilities landscape

  • The impetus for creating eOS based on gaps in the market

  • The opportunities that exist in clean, decentralized energy

  • How long a transition to clean energy might take, and obstacles that would need to be overcome

  • What the power grid of the future might look like

  • How the eOS model could translate to other industries and utilities

The cloud advantages

eOS offers a cloud-based software platform that provides services to help utilities engage their mass-market residential and SME customers in transitioning to clean, decentralized energy.

The key benefits of the platform include:

  • Greater engagement: Utilities using the platform increase their customer engagement with personalized services, reduce service costs and position themselves as a trusted energy advisor.

  • New products and services: Utilities can launch brand new products and services that ensure greater sustainability, including rooftop solar PV (Photo Voltaic), battery, and electric vehicle services, as well as dynamic rates for more financial efficiency.

  • Compliance: Utilities using the platform will be able to better comply with new regulatory requirements and policy initiatives, including efficiency programs, hardship, and social housing services as well as access to data.

Join us for the thought leadership podcast and LinkedIn discussion on what the future of sustainable energy might look like.

  • Podcast: Stephen Kubicki joins us to provide some background into the work being done by eOS and what the future of sustainability looks like from a utility's standpoint. He discusses the opportunities in clean and decentralized energy, the type of timeline we could be looking at for a transition, and the challenges that will exist in getting there.

  • LinkedIn Live: Stephen expands on some of the points made in the podcast, focusing on the practical aspects of building a program like eOS. We will talk about how customers are responding to the solution, how the platform integrates with existing solutions and infrastructure, challenges, and opportunities, and more.

Are you interested to learn more about energyOS? 

  • The SAP industry cloud energyOS solution, eOS, helps utility providers create dynamic products & services so their mass-market residential and SME customers can more easily transition to clean decentralized energy while gaining more financial efficiency. 

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Visit to check out previous podcasts and the LinkedIn sessions. And remember, I am always looking for feedback! Let me know topics you would like to hear about and suggest questions we should be asking. You can also contact us if you would like to be a guest.