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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Dear ABAP community,

we discussed which possibilities would be best to provide you our knowledge about ABAP CDS development tooling using ABAP Development Tools (ADT, a.k.a. ABAP in Eclipse).

We kindly ask you for your feedback. So, please let us know ...

  • Which channel/media do you prefer getting information, in addition to the official SAP help portal?

  • For which technical subject do you need more information in which granularity?

Just skim through the following content and leave a comment at the end of the blog.

We're looking forward to discussing with you!

SAP Community

As you know, SAP community is SAP's official blogging area. Here, you can directly get in touch with our SAP tool developers and SAP product-related updates on an informal way.

Do you like reading our latest ABAP development blogs on SAP community?

General Blogs

These blogs provide information about a specific subject, for example ABAP CDS.

See here a list of such already published blogs:

Blogs Providing Links for ADT Plug-ins

In addition, there are also blogs that provide links to GitHub from where you can download ADT plug-ins, for example ...

For example, Ludwig Stockbauer-Muhr provides  ABAP CDS-related ADT plug-ins which can be downloaded from GitHub.

Note that these is are third party plugins. SAP does not guarantee for this functionality and installation is at your own risk.

SAP Tutorial Navigator

The SAP Tutorial Navigator provides you get hands-on experience with the latest SAP technology, including SAP Business Technology Platform, SAP HANA Cloud, and more.

Do you like doing practical stuff? Find here some selected ABAP CDS-related tutorials:

SAP Help Portal

The SAP Help Portal provides SAP`s official help content for most of the SAP products and releases. Note that you can also find the ADT help content also directly in the client. Just choose Help > Help Contents from the toolbar.

Do you prefer reading our complete and latest help content?

See here some sample content:

In general, you can find the ABAP Keyword Documenation and the ABAP CDS Developer User Guide here:

SAP Press Book

SAP has a cooperation with the Rheinwerk Verlag. Here, SAP employees or other SAP technology experts publish books.

Here, for example, the following books about ADT and ABAP CDS are available:

SAP Insider

The SAP Insider magazine provides SAP professionals with invaluable information, such as articles, webinars, and so on about SAP technology.

Here, you can find paid CDS-relating content about:


For some selected SAP trainings or events are, e.g., MS Powerpoint slides as PDF available.

Do you like skimming on a high level through existing slides from past events?


The SAP Wiki is also available for external users.

Here, you can find the following ABAP CDS content:

Note that SAP has introduced several new content platforms. Consequently, content on SAP Wiki might not be uptodate anymore.

Youtube is an SAP-external video platform.

Here, you can find our latest videos on our ABAP channel:

Do you like getting information on the visual and modern way?

Twitter allows you to get most recently information in a short and compressed manner.

Using the hashtags like #abapcds, #ABAPInEclipse, and so on to get the latest tweets about ABAP and ABAP CDS development.