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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
When working through our tutorials or when you are following hands-on scripts provided for events such as SAP TechEd, CodeJams or the openSAP course about RAP, the scripts use placeholders for suffixes (indicated by ### or XXX) that you have to choose yourself.

We use suffixes and mark them with placeholders to avoid name clashes since the trial systems of SAP Business Technology ABAP environment are shared systems and as in any other ABAP system it is not possible to create two repository objects with the same name.

For the suffix you can choose any combination of letters (a, b, c, …) and / or numbers (0, 1, 2, …) , e.g. 123, 1AF4, T88, … that has not been used by anyone else in that system.

But how can you find out whether the suffix you want to use (e.g. your initials plus a number) have already been used by another user ?

When you create a new ABAP Cloud Project in the ABAP Development Tools in Eclipse the package ZLOCAL is added automatically to the folder Favorite Packages.

  1. Right click on ZLOCAL and choose Open ABAP Development Object from the context menu.

2. Add Z*<your suffix> to the search string, so that it reads
package:ZLOCAL Z*<your suffix>*



For more details on searching objects in the repository tree check out my blog:

How to use ADT Project Explorer and ABAP Repository Trees – Check out the new video of the ADT team