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Screen shots of the "LAVA demo"

How to make an overlay of Bar Charts with SAP Dashboard:

You can download an .xlf "Overlay of Bar charts" that you can look at here

This is how we did it:

  1. For the two charts:
  • Don’t show all the text content, just uncheck all the boxes.

  • Disable all the Axis, make sure all the boxes unchecked.

  • Make them have strict scale: you could verify this by showing the Vertical Axis Labels. It is extremely important to do this for it to appear right.

2. For the background bar chart, make the marker size bigger than the bar chart above. Select a dark color.

3. For the bar chart above, make the maker size smaller than the background bar chart. Select a bright color.

4. Make the two bar charts have same size and location.

How to make an overlay of Area chart and line chart with SAP Dashboard so make the area chart look likes have a borderline in top:

You can download a file "Overlay of Area chart and line charts" xlf here

Actually there is no borderline for area chart by default. But we can do this with area chart and line chart together. The definite means are as follows:

Adjusting vertical label and horizontal label of the two types of chart:

  1. Make the two chart have same scale (could verify by showing vertical labels, this is very important) for the vertical labels, then hide all the vertical text containing vertical title and vertical labels.
  2. Align the horizontal labels of the two charts by adjusting the size and location of the two charts till the labels are strict alignment. You could adjust the color of the labels if you don’t want to show the horizontal labels.

You also can add another line chart with the same way like below screenshot.