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Jabil has just been nominated for the "trailblazer innovator award", an award by SAP that recognizes top stories that leverage SAP HANA to drive innovation and highlight the human impact for the workforce, partners, customers and society.

Check out the entries and cast your vote for the best stories.

And here is the entry from Jabil: Jabil Circuit Relies on SAP HANA to avoid Manufacturing Delays and Deliver Customer Satisfaction : V...

For more than 45 years, Jabil has been helping some of the world’s most well-known electronics brands. With more than 180,000 employees, 90 manufacturing plants, and operations in 33 countries, Jabil serves multiple industries, including technology, defense & aerospace, healthcare, and instrumentation.

At the center of Jabil’s business is a complex supply chain and inventory management system, comprising more than 450 million master materials data elements, seven million customer data elements, and 16 million vendor data elements. Jabil runs SAP Business Suite on a 23TB database.
Jabil not only has a very demanding and complex supply chain of its own, it also plays a critical role in the supply chain for its customers. Meeting deadlines and timely updates are the basis for these business relationships. Therefore staying on top of all the elements that impact delivery to customers is top-of-mind for Jabil planners, buyers, stockroom managers, and business analytics solutions managers.

With millions of inventory and stock movements each day, it is critical to have real-time access to this information to keep the manufacturing process running smoothly and deliver customer orders.
For this reason Jabil employees had to run a daily batch query to find inventory for production that could take eight hours or more to run in their production ECC system. When the report was finished, it often returned outdated results, requiring the user to refine and rerun the query. The risk of having to pay penalties for late delivery—or possibly losing a customer—was a constant worry.

Working with the SAP HANA team, Jabil came up with a very creative—even innovative—solution. SAP HANA would be set up as a “sidecar” analytics accelerator for real-time inventory status and stock movements. Previously, there were approximately 250 variations of these queries in SAP, covering Inventory Management, Warehouse Management, Sales & Distribution, and Finance, by Plant, by Product, and by Region.

Jabil created two “super” queries to accommodate the needs of the 250 ECC queries. These “super” queries were executed by users in ECC, returning data from SAP HANA.

Huge amounts of ECC data were replicated in real time to SAP HANA using SLT. Even after filtering the data to be replicated, well over a billion rows of data were sent over to SAP HANA, including many commonly large ECC tables such as MSEG and VBUP.

Prior to SAP HANA, some queries took up to 2–24 hours to complete in ECC on its Oracle database, even having relevant indexes on the tables.

Today, running “super” queries on SAP HANA delivers incredible results: 1.14 seconds! That computes to 25,000 times faster—with no secondary indexes or pre-aggregations. It’s just raw, real-time, detailed ECC data.

During the initial deployment of SAP HANA Enterprise, Jabil was able to replace over 250 reports with just two SAP HANA ABAP reports while reporting speeds dramatically increased. Cutting the run time for inventory movements reports from 83 minutes to just 53 seconds significantly reduced customer wait times. Jabil has saved the equivalent of 156,058 person hours with this report alone. Accelerating the aged inventory report times has saved 94,463 person hours—what once took 129 minutes is now executed in 68 seconds. That means the total number of hours a customer has to wait was reduced to 250,521 hours during the measurement period (8/8/2013 to 4/29/2014).

Jabil is using SAP HANA as a “sidecar” with greater intelligence. If the connection to the remote database is down, it is automatically redirected to the primary database, allowing queries to be executed in the timeliest manner. The system also generates an email to administrators notifying them of the redirection while identifying information so they could quickly track down the source of the issue.

This innovative approach has also been deployed with Jabil’s customer specific revenue reporting, and real-time delivery reports, where they were able to condense 100 queries into a single report. Enabling PLM with SAP Web Dynpro has greatly facilitated material lookup.
Jabil has also achieved full integration of MicroStrategy and are currently ramping up HADOOP by using smart data access to our unstructured data.

And that’s just the start of the innovations in the company’s pipeline that can be delivered on this strategic platform to impact its business. As an added benefit, this platform is also expected to reduce the load on Jabil’s ECC system significantly. Based on the number of queries currently running per day, and the length of time those queries run, SAP HANA processing will reduce CPU utilization on ECC by 25% at peak usage.

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