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Blending datasets, or linked dimensions, is a large part of what makes SAP Analytics Cloud so agile. It allows you to bring in different data sources and analyze common dimensions.

For example, by taking a data source such as ‘travel expenses’ and linking it with another data source such as ‘employee headcount’, we can gain insight in ways that would be difficult to achieve by looking at just one data source.

It should be noted that the processes described in this blog are only available when data is connected through an Import Data Connection and is not available for Live Data Connections to Analytics Cloud.

Blending Datasets with SAP Analytics Cloud

Business intelligence is all about analyzing performance. We use data to understand how our business is doing and to help inform better data-driven decisions for the future.

In the example below, we’re using SAP Analytics Cloud to track two different datasets — travel expenses with employee headcount. Both share two common dimensions, Organization and Time. As a result, we are able to link them for a more robust analysis.

  1. Import all the datasets you want to use into SAP Analytics Cloud. In our example, we’ve imported two datasets:

  • Concur (travel expenses)

  • SuccessFactors (organizational headcount)

  1. Link common dimensions. As mentioned previously, they both share two common dimensions:

  • Organization

  • Time

Once we link both dimensions, we can use measures from both datasets for visual analysis.

Once we link both dimensions, we can use measures from both datasets for visual analysis.

  1. Create a map based on those dimensions.

  • Green = employees

  • Blue = travel expenses and direction of travel

Note: The size of colors represents the size of the measure.

With the agility of SAP Analytics Cloud, you can connect to different data sources across your business and use visual analysis to gain a much broader understanding. To see how blending datasets can benefit your business, start your free trial today.

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